Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Pokettle


There were 5 PAX members at the Hot Pokettle this morning.  It was a hot workout in the almost bitter cold.

We started with Helix in the Circle of Pain
SSH, Helicopters, arm circles, around the world, halos, maybe some others?

Moved onto No Idea and 11’s
Kettle Bell Merkins
Lunge to the Other Side
KB Swings

Then it was Mudface’s turn to shine.
We did a Quintuple check.
Donkey Kicks on the KB
Sit Up Presses
Death Crawl across the lot
KB Pulls
Turkish Get ups

Finally it came to Opus
for a little Mary (4 minutes)
Ring of Fire Merkins (10)
Renegade Rows

Numbers, Names, Take it out

YHC never realized before that the last person that goes in the HOT POTATO Q has to write the backblast.  Thanks for clearing that up, Mudface!  That means I am the only one who gets credit in big data for Q’ing!    As always, glad I was there!




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  1. Thanks for writing the BB, Opus. I think we managed some Don Quixotes and cool flutterkicks during COP, too. It was fun to get a little bit from everyone. Next time we’ve got to make sure Chewie gets a chance to throw in his infamous boat-canoes.