Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Polls are Open in Merkinville


11 PAX members showed up for a perfectly brisk morning workout!

Mosey to back of Atlee.
10 Merkins IC
Don Quixotes
8 Merkins IC
6 Merkins IC
Arm Circles
4 Merkins IC
2 Merkins IC

Goin to the Polls
PAX holds pole and six inches — first PAX member does 5 merkins and runs to the back.  Rinse and repeat until all are done.

Quickish (for YHC) mosey to the way back of Atlee where there is a small but proud hill.
Modified Doras
One person does broad jump burpees up the hill and runs down while the other starts completing:
100 Heels to Heaven
150 Merkins
200 Flutterkicks

All jog together — one member calls a spot to sprint to up ahead.  First person there starts doing an exercise and all join in until the Q moves us back to a jog and then another sprint, etc.  YHC thinks we did about 5 of these.  Some exercises were more merkins, burpees, more heels to heaven just to name a few.

DK wall
Partner up — one partner does DK’s while the other touches a tree, next partner touches two trees, moving up the ladder until the Q calls time.  Most groups got to 5 or 6.

YHC wanted to try something new today so we did!  No name for this yet, but we did about 15 IC one legged runs on the wall.  It was kinda like a donkey kick and mountain climber combined so someone mentioned calling it the Mountain Donkey, which YHC likes.  Any other name submissions will be taken into consideration.

Mosey back to flag.
5 Pistol Squats each leg.
Ascending Wheel of Merkins — We made it up to 4.

Numberama, Nameorama, Bring it in!

As always, it was a pleasure to lead you all this morning!  This workout was dedicated to Flatline who put us through a grueling 1 hour workout Saturday and included no merkins for those participating in the merkin challenge.  YHC was tired enough Saturday from all the running and then had to do merkins on top of all that later in the day??  Anyhow, we made up for it today.  Total number of merkins will vary depending on how many you did during the DORA’s and at other times as well.  YHC counted 205 for himself, but that is probably a low estimate.
YHC, Grabber and The Carpenter all mosied over afterwards to Atlee to do their civic duty.  Hope everyone else does the same.  Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Great Q Opus!! Another election day beatdown in the books! I thought I would be able to taper this week but then I decided to show up for your Q.

    I also mosied over for my civic duty at our MANNDate AO (no KB were found). Go Vote today F3RVA!!

  2. Strong Q Opus. A lot of variety and I’m very curious to see a demonstration of these Mountain Donkey things

  3. Great Q, Opus! By the end of the Doras falling into the fence face-first was a welcome distraction from the other pain.

    Polling station was lively this morning. Nice to see so many taking this privilege and duty seriously.