Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Art of Tapering


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4 Davillians arrived at various times on this warm November morning.  This how it went down:


MudFace and No Idea arrived around 5:20 and heading out on their normal route. Started down the service road, through the cross country course, into Honey Meadows then back.

Grabber and YHC headed out around 5:26 at a tapering pace. Down the service road, into Honey Meadow estates, fire road into Kings Charter. Took a right onto Kings Charter Drive, turn around at Atlee Station and head back to Honey Meadow. Short run through the townhomes then back to parking lot to get in around 4.5.


What a great morning for a run. In preparation for the half marathon this weekend, YHC is tapering this week. During the run this morning, YHC and Grabber ran into old friend the big black cat. As usual he just gave us a stare and we mosey along.

On the road back to the parking lot, YHC and Grabber ran into Mudface and No Idea. Mudface wasn’t paying attention thus got the crap scared out of him (almost literally)

Thanks to Grabber for helping YHC train over the last almost 4 months. Looking forward to crushing this race on Saturday!



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