Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



7 pax for Sunday trails this morning.  The weather was iffy for the trails, but another runner informed us that the trail report was 2 thumbs up, so off we go.

Route:  Bummermilk to T. Potterfield bridge, return on North Bank.  7 miles in change.

NMS:  Comfortable temps and good trail conditions made for quick feet.  Run was great, and ET’s was better.  Caught up with Upchuck, who returned from Heaven’s Gate, one of the uninhabited Mechanicsville AO’s.  We started making fun of his “Starsky”….showing up to Coffeeteria dressed like he worked out, but he had photographic evidence of posting to the Atlee HS AO….a pic of the blue fields closed sign.  RESPECT.

Have a great Sunday.


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