Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Just A Brick!


YHC decided to bring coupons, aka bricks, back to Dogpile for this morning’s workout. I apologize for not having a shovel flag. YHC arrived first with PAX arriving in a steady stream even after we embarked for our workout. With one minute to go, YHC told everyone to grab a brick. Honeydo advised PAX members that using a brick with holes in them was cheating!! Plus, YHC had a solid brick-gotta follow the Q. 0600 off we went with 2 PAX members arrving just as we moseyed on.

Jog over the Fountain Lake where we circled up for Da Thang (of course, YHC could not get through the first exercise without messing up the count). X15 Don Quixote, X15 arm circles, forward (10 small, 5 big), X15 arm circles, backward (10 small, 5 big), X 30 SSH, x21 LBC’s with YHC crying mercy on his counting and deciding to start our workout!

Exercise 1: At each light pole, X10 Squats, X10 American Brick Hammers. Total 28 light poles. Now,  Ollivander kept quiet that he did not grab a brick, (LATE). But, Fudd stated, “What if you don’t have a brick?” YHC stated, “Than you were late.” Of course, Fudd had an excuse-“I arrived on time.” UM NO, you did not because you would have heard the instructions to grab a brick. AND…3 light poles near concession did not count as they were not circling the lake. Planks with our bricks in hand as we waited for PAX to finish. Mosey to the Vita Course.

Exercise 2: Start at the beginning of Vita Course, X20 WWII situps (good utilization of our coupons) at every exercise. Here is where Fudd recovers-he ran to get a brick and offered to get Ollivander one too! Approx 9 reps of x20 WWII situps occurred and YHC called an audible at sit up station near “the lawn”. Everyone accounted for-thanks to Honeymoon,. YHC was busy looking at the time left before 0700. Mosey to “the lawn”.

Exercise 3: Brick-barrow. Partner up and x10 wheelbarrow walks with a brick in each hand and switch, for the length of field. YHC was without a partner, so brick-crawl. Bear crawl position and toss the brick forward than bear crawl to brick, repeat for length of the field. GREAT exercise for complete muscle failure! With 5 minutes left, one more exercise.

Exercise 4: Lawn Sprints. Starting at Carillon side, sprint to end of the lawn, 30 second rests: sprint back toward Carillon, 20 second rest: sprint toward Boulevard, 10 second rest: final lawn sprint back to Carillon! Mosey back to the lot! And yes, bricks in hand!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Circle K took us out!

Announcements; YHC assured PAX that my counting for medicines is perfect, unlike my counting of exercises. Convergence for VA Beach next weekend and C’ville 4 miler next Sunday. Bear Creek signup and near max for participants! And ET’s afterwards!

Way to push Hitchhiker and Winehouse at the last lawn sprint!! Welcome Howard. You made it once, now come back! Thank you for following this am PAX members. I am blessed to be able to work out with an awesome group of men! Have an epic weekend!

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  1. Nice Q Flatline. The Wheelbarrow with Bricks was awful. However the Merkin count of ZERO was a little low for those in the monthly challenge.

  2. You vs you, Honey Do! It’s called a challenge for a reason! Good luck with Merkin Challenge as I am already slacking…..

  3. Great Q Flatline. Who new a brick could be such a pain in the neck. Light poles around the lake was awful and awesome at same time