Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DK and his Imaginary FNG


Five (or was it six?) took advantage of summer weather on a november morn. We did:

COP -SSH, Imperial Walkers, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks Scorpion Kicks, Arm Circles.

Head to Parking lot. 10 Merkins each light. 12 in total. Mosey to back road. 10 Jump Squats each parking cone. 20 cones in total. Then head to Donkey Kick Wall for Goodbye Dollies and 20 Donkey Kicks.

Head to smaller parking lot – 10 Merkins per light, 6 in total. Indian Run back to BW, 2 Burpees back man. Back to field- 20 WWII Situps, run across field 5 merkins, run back. Increase WWII situps by 5 all the way up to 40. Back to flag for RoF. Mr Roper took is out.

NMS – DK was hoping a FNG he had EH’ed would post. He was on the lookout during the COP, then on the Merkin lot found the FNGs car in that lot, but no Andy in sight. Several PAX began to wonder was Andy real or had DK finally turned rabid from a Racoon bite and began hallucinating. Finally at the end during the WWII Andy found us between the trees. He did not join us for the end, maybe next week.

Merkin count was 235 for the Pax. During the Jumpsquats Rosie had a lot of questions, to be fair he was setting the pace.

Small numbers at TwinTeam, apparently the New Market pax can’t post 2 days in a row after Timberwolf.

Announcements – Gingerbread house fundraiser at Hardywood this Sunday at noon.







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  1. Wouldn’t be a Honeydo Q without some donkey kicks and the Goodbye Dollies were not nearly as treacherous as I imagined. Thanks for coming SOJ and getting us over 200 merkins for the day.
    Somehow DK knew the flashlight coming through the trees was Andy, also not sure why Andy was in the woods but he came out and disappeared before talking to DK. The mystery FNG did find out he knows Mr. Roper and we’re guessing is related to or once ate dinner at McRib’s.

  2. Solid beatdown, HoneyDo….always punishing. The merkins were plentiful, but the WWIIs never ended.
    Hilarious how everything transpired with the FNG this morning…and he’s definitely eaten dinner with McRib before (not at McRib’s).
    Absolutely beautiful morning!

  3. It definitely was better to see his light (aura maybe) and then watch him disappear. Leads to more intrigue and mystique. Might have to post at TT next week to meet him.

  4. Looks like a solid work out Honey Do! Just to be clear, the New Market community and crew are extremely busy. Twin Ream was just not on the schedule! Glad you held it down!

  5. Not sure that is a fact as New Market does have 2 members in the 100 post club……hell 1 of them is even in the top 5?

  6. Nice work Honeydo. Sorry I missed it. I also love the intrigue with the mysterious FNG – though part of me thinks the five of you are just making this up to draw people to TT next week and it is really a farse – like the Blair Witch Project or something.