Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2.2 miles near the BUSH


9 men today for a great fall morning

Mossy to the front of the school parking lot for a little warm up before passing the pre-game show to Sparky.

15 SSL

20 Imperial Walkers

Sparky pre-game warm ups…..

Partner up for a 4 round event:

Round 1: (Total rounds = 4)

  1. Partner 1 plank
  2. Partner 2 jump burpee for a total of 5

Run to other end of parking lot for heel ups = 20

After warm up, ran to the front entrance to present the main course.

Start with 10 Jack Webs and after run down to the entrance to preform 2 squats.

Each round we would drop by 1 for the Jack Webs and add 2 for the squats.

Round 1:

  1. 10 Jack Webs
  2. 2 Squats

Round 2:

  1. 9 Jack Webs
  2. 4 Squats

Round 3:

  1. 8 Jack Webs
  2. 6 Squats

Round 4:

  1. 7 Jack Webs
  2. 8 Squats

You get the flow by now (We went down to 1 on Jack Webs and up to 20 on squats) as I am getting tired of typing and need to go make more water bottles!

Mossy to front of the building as we still had a little time to kill.

Found a spot on the wall near the bush……for wall sits

Found some bench for the below exercises:

20 dips

15 incline merkins

10 dips

5 incline merkins

10 decline merkins

Mossy to the flag for the below to finish the WO.

20 Flutter kicks

20 Freddy mercury’s

100 LBC’s OYO

Plank ring of fire 10 merkins / person with flare…

COT, Name-a-rama, Number-rama

Strong work by all today as it was a lot hotter out today but we got in 2.2miles with exercises.  Good to see a new AO holding strong numbers even though New Market did bring 6 of the 9……

Always a pleasure to lead a group of guys let’s keep building the numbers as winter is coming!

Iron sharpens Iron!


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  1. Sneaky start there by kicking it to Sparky! Solid this morning Honeymoon, I’m spent! See you boys in the Gloom!

  2. Nice job leading today Honeymoon and Sparky! I’m officially spent. Jack webs were not my favorite either.

    Good to have Roscoe out each week too! Getting to the count of five in any exercise is much better with him in the Pax.


  3. Just noticed that Ross, New Market non-F3er, is on the merkin challenge list but no other New Market names. No takers?