Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shakedown goes down


A strong 15 plus one canine partook in this Halloween edition of Spider Run.  YHC arrived to a group of fine men gathering at the commons.  When TYA announced that Splinter had the Q a noticeable groan was observed from Wedding Singer.  I’ll remember that groan next time.  This time the route was an oldie but goodie.  Mount Henrico.

The Route
– Meander towards College and left on College
– Right on Lakewood
– Right on Wood
– Left on Baldwin
– Cross Westham, staying on Baldwin, left on Rock Creek
– Quick left on Forest then right on University
– 4 and 6 milers do the Arlington circle loop.  4 milers return the way you came.
– 5 and 6 milers continue on University to Glendale and take a right
– Immediate left on to Julian
– To the top of the mountain, returning the way you came, admiring the esteemed Castle of Robinson on the way

Numbers, Names, BT took us out.

YHCs Spider Run reputation must be strong.  May have been record numbers for the hills around UR.  Singer apparently loves hill repeats and was disappointed when YHC announced Mount Henrico.  Saab on the other hand was smiling like a school boy.

We have done this route at least 5-6 times so YHC was surprised that with 15 people + a canine that there were few that actually knew the route. Bleeder said he had it but luckily a Tuckahoe native in Taxi Cab helped him along the way.  At least he was able to provide a detailed inspection of the outbuildings @ Marv’s future house.  Swirly still can’t find Glendale and worked his way up to the moontower instead.  BT is getting a few kegs there this weekend since his party got busted.

Dutch running with Kenya is a sight.  That bitch can flat out run.

Glad to see Lab Rat effectively found his way to the AO.  TClaps for assisting Shakedown on the way back after he stumbled on the well lit streets of Westham.  Hopefully the ankle recovers soon.

Pair running was the theme of the day.  Lots of 2 by 2 traversing the streets.  Except TYA who was so excited YHC could’t event get out “Henrico” before he was off to the races.  Must still be burning off some aggression from attending two Boston sporting events this weekend.  The picture above is how YHC imagines TYA in a triathlon.

The weather is absolutely perfect for running these days.  Reflective gear is still necessary for another week.  Glad to see that Singer and Pucker have joined the miniature size reflective vest crew with YHC and Sippy.  May be a takeover in the works.

Always fun gentlemen.  Love running those hills.

– November Challenges galore.  Breathe if you must.

Splinter out.




  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB Splinter – think this one could take it this week !
    Yea I hope someday to make that turn – but nice to see the tower again 🙂 Glad to hear Bleeder found the blue box in Marv’s front yard – better than just a bush the front yard 🙂
    Shakedown – take care of that foot/ankle dude…
    Way to push this morning fella’s
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. My ankle is a bit tender but I got lucky. Thanks Lab Rat for recommending the smart choice and walking me in – it may have made the difference. Good man.

    Next time I will keep to the left ?

  3. I was hoping for a pic of that young lady that came by for a second look. Ah well, a bunch of naked dudes will do in a pinch…

    Nice route! If I did that route 20 times, I still would have no clue though… Thanks to BT for keeping us on course.

    Heal up quick, Shakedown!

  4. How could I forget about that nice running lady? She did come back by. I thought she may join us for BOM.

  5. Excellent BB Splinter.

    Truth be told, I had considered signing up as Q last night and offering up the classic Mt Henrico (knowing how excited TYA gets when he hears the word ‘mount’). I opted out after envisioning the various questions and glazed looks I would receive when providing directions (because we all know how bad Saab is at giving proper instructions).