Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Short sleeves?


4 gentlemen showed up to Batteau this morning, dressed for a cool fall morning-long sleeves, one poofy vest, and Swirly sporting a toboggan hat. YHC was wearing short sleeves and typical visor. 0530 arrived and a question arose, “Who has the Q?” Swirly took the initiative and stated hot potato.

Mosey down brick path to COP: SSH x 20, Helicopters x 15, Don Quixote x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Arm Circles-forward x 10 small, x 5 big and reverse x 10 small, x 5 big. On our 6- Scissor Kicks x 15, LBC x 30.

Swirly called first exercise. You vs you; x 10 derkins, x 20 dips, x 30 step ups (15 each leg) 3 rounds total!

Sippy Cup took the Q with his light and we headed down to the pond. During our mosey, Swirly spoke of his little run over the weekend. Hey Swirly, way to crush that “little” run!   Sippy called Exercise 2- x 10 merkins at every light pole with a penalty for every light out-crab touches. How many lights were out you might ask? 3 lights were out PAX performed X 10, X 20, x 30 crab touches, so with each light out-we increased the penalty.  Sippy was happy to know that one of his notification to the city about broken lights had been acknowledged and one light was fixed! Upon completion of merkin lake, we partnered up. Jumped up on stone bridge with our partners holding our legs and performed 3 rounds of x 10 dips. Upon completion, Flatline took the Q.

Exercise 3-Quicksand. Run 30 steps up the hill, than turn around and x 5 lunges down the hill. Continue till PAX had returned to the steps. Plank at the end.And……Mosey to the tennis courts.

Exercise 4-Modified Dora, Triple Check Suicide. Partner up. Suicides on the court while partners performs following exercises to completion-x 100 squats, x 150 SSH, x 200 Mountain Climbers. And……Mosey to playground.

Exercise 5- you vs you. 3 rounds of 5 pullups. Mosey back to circle with one minute left. On your 6, scissor kicks till 0615.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Swirly took us out!

Announcements: Convergence in Va Beach, Nov. Monthly challenge x 2-Breathing and Merkins. See preblast.

Great morning gents. Way to the get the week started! Winkle Voss-nice to meet you and keep up the motivation and hard work. It pays off!! Another F3 member once told me, being present can accomplish many things!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Bleeder at least you went on a run, Sunday. Great way to start our Monday. Swirly, Sippy Cup, and Winkle Voss-kick ass!