Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Night Crawlers make good bait


This morning was reminiscent of going to church growing up. You had the faithful never late, the fast walker, the five minute runner and the one who never showed up. Can you remember the excuses for the one who never showed up?   Stayed up to late, went to bed to late, the client wouldn’t go home, it was an unusual Friday night and even tried to blame it on a fellow F3 member… We love you Night Crawler. We even thought about face timing you for the pregame on top of Mount Trashmore.  It just would’t be the same without you. I guess your on deck for the pregame  again this week. You better get your game together… Earthworm  and Cecil are back in town.


25 -SSH

20- DQ

20- Helicopters

10 – Arm Circles in the typical way

10- Standing Box cutters 10 each leg

10- Merkins (Two Count)

20 – LBC

Some basic stretching  with Boat Canoe  and the bird dog  pose.

No mosey just a stay on  the parking lot tarmac.

Dora #1

Partner up, first partner runs length of the parking lot while second partner does exercises, total as a team

Exercise 1 – 100 Swings with Kettlebell

Exercise 2 – 200 Lawnmowers with Kettlebell switching arms when needed

Exercise 3 – 300  Squats with Kettlebell,  Modified to 200

Mosey over to the Football Field

4 Corners

10 -20-30-40 Merkins

10-20-30-40  WWI/II

10-20-30-40 APD’s

10-20-30-40 Flutter Kicks (Two Count)

Back to the Tarmac

Dora #2

Exercise 1 -100 Snatches with Kettlebell

Exercise 2 – 200 Sit & Presses with Kettlebell

Exercise 3 – 200 Heels to Heaven with Kettlebell as Anchor

Most of the mumble chatter was focused around the precision of WWI or WWII’s  Johnsonville wanted to make it him against the PAX’s  so he was first to critique our form. During the bird dog pose Attila was quick to notice that YHC couldn’t get his bionic left knee of the tarmac. I hope  the PAX  got enough running in this morning, it always a pleasure to work your core and upper torso.


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