Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rain or no rain, we run


5 runners could have used a better weather app and showed up for Sunday trails run.  The most surprising face was Rosie, who would have normally been at Off the Books….however it looks as though Honeymoon heard the pitter patter of the rain drops on the bedroom window and decided the old stink bag was better than getting nature’s shower.  No matter, the more the merrier!

Rainy Day route:  Over the bridge and down the hill to the access road.  Head over to Belle Isle, 6 milers do a loop and return the same way we came.  10 miler press on across to Tredegar, Down Canal walk to Mayo Bridge.  Take the Floodwall back to T Potterfield bridge, then back the way we came.

NMS:  Although I got an HC from Shakedown and Upchuck, and a soft commit from Saab yesterday, you never know what will happen when it rains….everybody knows my stance on wet trails, so I thought that might leave me solo.  My worries of a lonely run were dashed before even getting to the AO when I pulled up behind that beautiful green Land Rover….going slow, but luckily running under it’s own power.  Saab wanted to show off a little bit this morning, so he demonstrated his car alarm for the world to hear….Classy.  After setting off the car alarm, he couldnt get the interior lights to turn off.  That seems about par for the course.  We waited for a minute, then had to leave him to troubleshoot alone knowing that he had the ability to catch up.  Turns out he left the back door open.  Oh Saab!

The rain for the most part held off and let us have a for the most part an enjoyable run.  Everybody was a bit banged up from the week’s workouts and the end of the monthly running challenge I think.  Upchuck and Rosie opted for the 10K route, and were waiting for the rest of us in the parking lot.  Unfortunately, I had a commitment to family church time, so had to bolt against Upchuck’s siren song of bailing on the family to hang out over coffee and muffins.  Maybe next week…

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Nice run today guys. I do believe our intrepid-LR ran through every single puddle we encountered. ET’s was a nice topper to the morning.

  2. Good times. I learned a couple things this morning; 10 miles hurts every time, no matter how I try, my feet are gonna get wet, and most importantly, the access road west of Reedy Creek entrance sucks. That being said everyone made it out unscathed. Looking forward to next week.

    Oh yeah – I am gonna try to hit Spider Run this wee – where exactly is the meet up?

    Thanks fellas – Shakedown

  3. It’s been a while since I hit the trails. Not quite the same with the rain but always good company on the run and ETs.

  4. Sorry to miss ET’s. I got home and the M said let’s skip church….I coulda exploded.

    I’d like to say good run, but Im worn slap out. Good company though….and that’s close enough.

  5. UR Commons. At the parking lot between boatright library and the lake. Bring a headlamp. Have fun!