Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Night time is the right time


Three now-regulars to the evening trial of The Punisher posted for this week’s edition.  Sonny and YHC met in front of our houses to bicycle over to the AO and as we were lashing our cycles to a Laburnum Avenue-adjacent lamp post, Nightcrawler pulls into the parking lot – this time not having to pull away from a work event to partake.

The Thang:  Mosey to the front school yard for startup COP with 25 x SSHs, 20 x Don Quixotes, 20 x Imperial Walkers, 20 x Helicopters, and 15 x Arm Circles (in the typical way).  Relocate nearby for a Beast from parking lot to Monticello Avenue and back with usual number of reps and stops for Carolina Dry Docks, Squats, Box Cutters, Alternating Shoulder Taps (two count), Step-Behind Alternating Lunges (two count), and Flutter Kicks (yep, two count).  Move to a spot adjacent to the school wall for Bear Crawl, Zombie Walk, Bear Crawl along the edge of the school x 2.

Mosey to the back playground for short Pull Up ladder – 1 rep up to 3 reps and back down – with 5 x Merkins, 5 x Squats, and 10 x LBCs after each rep.  Head back around the school for a couple of minutes of stretching then return to the parking lot for COT.  YHC took us out.

Though still a little odd to be starting a workout at Holton in the evening, the timing seems to work – no apparent conflicts with school activities.  Turns out you can see as well in evening darkness as you can in early morning darkness.



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