Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Death Crawls


20 F3 Regulars arrived in the gloom for a beat down at 45 Minutes of Mary

Mosey to

15X Imperial Walkers
2 x 15 arm circles
40x LBC’s

Mosey to Tennis Courts
Bleeder Sprints – 50% 75% 100%

Bear Crawl length of all four courts

Tree Line 11s Merkin – Werkin — Crabwalk/lunge between trees
Mosey back
Tree Line 11s Knee bend – Box Cutter — Bear Crawl/ Lunge between trees
Tree Line 11s Board jump Burpees – Crossed Leg lift — Run between Trees

Mosey back to the courts

Bear Crawl Length of all four courts

Mosey to Wall
Chicken Pecker Fire

Mosey back to VSF
COT DK took us out


As we enter the COP, YHC ran through the normal list of exercise prescribed, when a LIFO arrived looking quite like a Cat burglar; No one questioned him about his whereabouts the prior 12 hours.

Special thanks to Circle K introducing the PAX to Chicken Peckers yesterday during his Q at WDOg, The Chicken Pecker Fire seemed to pick up speed as it went down the line; YHC will make note that a PAX of 20 is the absolute max for that exercise.

Viral was describing his time out of F3 with travel and time off, good day to come back!



Hampton Roads 1 year BDAY – 11/11/2017

Charlottesville 4 miler – 11/12/2017

Breaking Bread this Sunday 10/29/2017 – See Circle K for details.

What’s left of Bleeder out


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Cat burglar – freaken awesome – Solid Q Bleeder – love the clip – getting ready to watch it again and then bench press my desk 3 sets of 10 🙂
    Well done fella’s
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Looks like great Q Bleeder. Sorry to have missed, Dad-Taxi duties this morning. Loved the movie clip as well. Looks like Chicken Peckers are a hit.

  3. Pickin Checkers are not great. 17th in line for those will make your head hurt. Solid Q, Bleeder!

  4. Well done Bleeder. Glad I had my gloves today. Almost needed a mop after standing inverted that long. Can’t you boys touch your peckers faster than that? BT was right. Don’t be at the end of the line.

  5. Great Q bleeder and way to work men. My arms are smoked and I thought I heard some where that chicken peckers were a one time thing, never to be done in an exercise again. Pretty sure we prayed about it. Or maybe that was just me.

  6. Bear crawls are not a bare handed activity for sure. Love the bear crawls and 11s today!

    Chicken peckers are taking over the RVA. Is DK our resident expert on chicken peckers?

  7. No animals were harmed for this picture…right DK?

    Nice work fells. Sorry/Not Sorry I missed it. Nice job Bleeder.

    PS – I currently lying flat on my back in my office suffering from Sparky’s House of Torture at Timberwolf. I’m putting in a request to move his ass to out of SOJ.

  8. Speaking of DK and animals….I did see a dead raccoon at Cary and Commonwealth. Perhaps DKs visit to this AO was a thinly disguised ruse to dispose of his nemesis’ body.

    All starting to make sense…

  9. Having never seen a chicken pecker before, I finally got to know what it feels like….wait, let me rephrase that.

  10. Nothing about this comment stream is right, other than you all got the peckers beat out of you!