Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Push yourself because NO ONE else is going to!


On a balmy Tuesday morning 10 men decided to enter the Gloom of No Toll for a session of pain.

Here is how it went down:

COP exercises all x 25 – SSH Merkin, Ticep Push ups, LBC’s, Squats, Don Quiote, Imperial Walker

Mosey to main field for a session of Field Hockey Ladder Runs

Each PAX hits the ball Pax sprints to the ball, mosey back then sprint 1/2 the distance, mosey back. If Pax did not increase distance each hit, 5 Burpees. Jville & mr. Roper got longest hits – However it must be noted Mr. Roper did “whiff” the first round!

X Runs – sprint from corner to corner mosey on short side of the field, then sprint to the next corner.

Mary – Cross Leg Lifts, Pickle Pounders, Homer to Marge, Superman, Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to the flag.

Recently my oldest 2.0 (F3 Name Styx) was sidelined from her Varsity Field hockey team with a knee injury. Not a Bleeder or Saab style that takes you completely out, but one that just lingered until finally a doctor pulled her and said rest. I think it was 5 or 6 weeks where she did not practice or run. After a few weeks back she turned in a 7 minute 9 sec mile. She inspires me with her tenacity to improve and take a challenging situation and turn it into a positive.

I say all this because as she was not on the field, she kept saying, Dad you could never do one of our workouts. So as you might know, I like to be challenged. Today’s workout was inspired by her. If I did exactly what she said, we would still be out there!

Tobit took us out.


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  1. Great Q and nice change of pace Wilson. Shocked the PAX with a run-heavy Wilson Q, but you brought it all back together with the cross-leg lifts at the end.

    Note to self, whenever Styx decides to jump in the ring and Q this motley group, that may have to be a fartsack day.

    Well done gents.

  2. I found that dude sitting on the edge of that canyon unsettling. He needs to move back a step or two. Also, the hiking guy never surfs. What’s up with that?

    Lab Rat is going to post up here, because nobody ever posts comments to DaVille.

  3. Great job Wilson, I was not expecting sprints. My quads and hamstrings apparently were not either as they do not want to function this morning. Thanks to Styx for the inspiration and the pain.

  4. Looks like a helluva Q Wilson.

    Breaking Bread this weekend. Circle K has the Q. I will fill you in as soon as I find out the details.

  5. Great Q this morning, Wilson!

    I was expecting a Wilson Q to mean a zero running workout. Since I play for the #runningisfreakinawesome team, the sprints did not disappoint.