Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Soggy Shoes 3 miler


7 Pax started the day, with a LiFo joining in eventually.  Here is out it all shook out:

Run a Mile- Head down to the gate and cut up thru Cool Spring.  Circle up at corner of the track

COP- SSH, Invisible Jump rope, DQ’s, IW’s, then it all went Charlie Foxtrot.  Stick a fork in it.


-11’s:  Start at benches with 1 dip, run across field to other benches for 10 derkins.  You know the rest.

-Human Steeplechase- starting at one end zone, a pax elbow planks.  Next pax jumps over then elbow planks.  Continue leap frogging until reaching the other end zone.  Return Fudd’s wife and going under pax members to original end zone.

-Indiginous people back to flag…optional burpees.

-Wim Hoff breathing for 5 minutes.


So, unlike most mornings at DaVille, YHC had a very detailed plan of attack.  Also unlike most mornings, YHC completely fell on his face during the COP.  Really?!?  Maybe Lab Rat should stick to winging it, because he prides himself on being able to call cadence pretty well.  Two false finishes and some other BS and he threw in the towel.  NO ARM CIRCLES.

The one mile run was specifically directed at Spit for being on it for this month’s challenge.  Good job, my man!

The rest of the morning went pretty well, with some beautiful groaning sounds from the pax during human steeplechase!  This is one of Lab Rat’s favorites, and a nice wet morning makes it all the better.  We passed the “fields closed” sign on the way out.  Whoops.

The breathing was obviously something new, but Lab Rat has been thinking about that for a while.  Not sure how the pax took it, but Lab Rat was high on life and O2 afterwards.  Expect to see it again.



10/29:   Breaking Bread.  Circle K is Q, he could use a helping hand

11/11:  Hampton Roads 1 year convergence

11/12:  CVille men’s health 4 miler


Apology of the week goes out to Hurricane.  It seems that Hurricane was walking the track this morning while recovering from an injury, and YHC tried to EH him during his misguided COP.  OK, not really all that sorry about that, but I miss you, dude.  Come out soon!


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Here’s one for your efforts LabRat. More of a question really – any talking during the deep breathing?

    Looks like nice work Mechanics. Gumbo always love a good tunnel of love on a wet…dare I say moist…day.

    Well done.

  2. Thanks LabRat for good beatdown this morning including getting our mile in. I stay in fart sack a little later than normal so getting my mile in before hand wasn’t happening.

    Thanks also to Circle K for finding the wettest area of the field each time during the Steeplechase.

    Glad Yard Sale was able to find us as well.

  3. that’s a big negative on the mumblechatter while breathing. There’s a time and a place, my man.

  4. I appreciate the EH attempt Lab Rat! It was good to see you guys getting after it. Recovery is trending in the right direction and I look forward to posting by the end of the year. Until then, I’m sure I’ll run into you guys at the CSES track.