Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What would Honey Do Do…


A stalwart 16 descended upon Tuckahoe for light calisthenics.  This is what transpired…

COP:  Helicopters, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, LBCs

Lindsay: Start at top of hill, perform 30 Heels to Heaven, run down hill and perform 10 Merkins.  Repeato.  Decrement/Increment each by 5 until you reach 10 and 30.

Run to back of school.  Perform x Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl 10 or so yards, perform x Merkins, run to opposite side of field and perform x Squats. Repeato.    x=10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Build a Burpee:  Perform 1 merkin , 1 Jump Squat, 1 Burpee.  Then perform 2 of each, etc.  Repeato until finish at 7 Burpees.  Do this while running from one end of the court to the other (and back)…stopping in middle for whatever exercise is next.

Minutes of Mary:  Hello Dollys, Flutter Kicks, Reverse Crunches (per Upchuck), and LBCs


Most times YHC approaches a workout he asks himself “what can he hack from one of HoneyDo’s prior beatdowns, or at least inflict so as the PAX is similarly smoked.”  While the answer usually doesn’t quite make the bar, it is fun trying.  The following are some brief observations…

  • Upchuck was the first to finish the first set of H-to-H during the Lindsays, which seemed humanly impossible given the count was 30.  He promptly returned to the PAX and continued on…acknowledging he maintains his own special counting scheme
  • Fudd had his share of questions this morning.  Had YHC bothered to listen, he assumes they were all good ones.
  • As usual, YHC was terrible during the instruction period.  Build a Burpee is often met with many questions (Fudd notwithstanding) and today was no different.  He will work on this for future endeavors (or maybe not).
  • KeyMaster introduced our FNG Kubota (he is in sales for John Deere).  Welcome.

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  1. Arms + Abs + Witty Sarcasm = A proper Saab workout. Well done especially considering the amount of squats we did today.

  2. Thanks Saab, I found your instructions to be very thorough. Someone’s getting ready for Merkin month. I counted about 265.

  3. My wife caught me in the kitchen around 6:45 apparently mumbling something to the effect of 15-4 count mercans at the COP, 10+15+20+25+30 with the Lindseys, double that on the back lawn, and then the burpees would be 28 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7…28)…wait, how many is that?

    Discussion ensued…how do we count the push-up within the burpee itself? I say it counts.

  4. Thanks for Q’ing today Saab. It was a “good” beatdown. I can’t say I was quite as smoked as I typically am following a Honeydo Q, but I did have to drink several cups of high test while on the road north, which is an indication of either a decent workout or a bad night’s sleep….. and I slept fairly well last night.

    One other wrinkle that causes me to hesitate in labeling today’s beatdown as a “great” Q in my book would be the discriminatory behavior I experienced while engaging in innocent mumblechatter with a fellow PAX member. Said mumblechatter was mistaken for a question which, the Q proudly announced, would be promptly ignored. Fudd can only hope that his presence has been missed of late, and that this was an awkward attempt by the Q at expressing some type of endearment. Any other interpretation would compel me to call TYA between 9 and 9:01 this coming Thursday (or is it next Thursday?) to file an official complaint.

  5. Duly noted Fudd….capitalizing on the Fudd-esqu Q&A is often irresistible…thus the NMS. Enjoy the regular running partner from the AO.