Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

500 Days


18 stallions wiggled free of the Fart Sack for YHC’s 500th anniversary edition of The Dogpile.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey through a sightseeing tour along the gravel road.  Circle up in the open field adjacent to the parking area.

1/2 x Hillbilly (YHC foot-faulted)
16x IWs
10x Hillbillies
10x DQ’s
Bunch O SSHs
10x mercans
20x LBCs

Mosey to Circle of Rocks for Elevens:
Inclined mercans, then bear crawl to short wooden posts for pole smokers.
After first round, audible to PAX Choice of bunny hops, bear crawls, or lunges.
(Note #1: Who knew how much glass one parking lot could hold?).
(Note #2: Bunny hops are no joke.)

Mosey to Picnic Shelter for Lindsey:
Start with flutters kicks (10) and run to bathroom building for donkey kicks (30).  Increase/decrease reps through the progression of 15/25, 20/20, 25/15, and 30/10.

Mosey to Great Lawn of Death for Red Barchetta:
Sprint length of field…at far end, 100x SSHs (in candance).  Sprint back to start.
Sprint 3/4 of field…75 2-count mountain climbers.  Sprint back to start.
Sprint 1/2 of field…50 Prisoner Squats.  Sprint back to start.
Sprint 1/4 of field…25 mercans. Sprint back to start.
Sprint a distance unintentionally greater than 10 yards…10 burpees. Sprint back to start.

Mosey back to the flag.

Number-rama, Name-a-rama, Marmaduke took us out.


This was YHC’s 500th day as a part of F3, and it’s been a transformational experience.  500 days of building better physical health and better mental health, all with a superior group of role models.  Thank you, gentlemen.  It’s also been 500 days of sometimes sadistic (YHC says in the best possible way) and sometimes simply exhausting First Fs.  For today, YHC tried to work in some favorites the PAX have shared along the way (every 6 minute mercans are always a crowd pleaser).

Lots of mumble-chatter to start this crisp “sunny and 70” morning, at least some of which was directed at the Q for his foot-fault to start the COP.  When is an Imperial Walker not an Imperial Walker?  Apparently, when it’s a Hill Billy.

Way to push through on the 11’s.  Despite scouting the AO, YHC didn’t quite check the glass-content of the parking lot.  YHC apologizes (how are those hands, Helix?).  Thus, the audible to Bunny Hops, which are awful.  YHC apologizes again.  (YHC is starting to feel like Lab Rat).

And, hat’s off to Red Barchetta, or Bruschetta, or whatever was said.  The PAX seemed to love them some SSHs…all 100.  Who knew how welcome the “every 6 minute break to 10 mercans” could be?

Welcome to Strider…way to crush your first workout.  Also, hats off to Laughing Gas for pushing through.  Nicely done.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Easy on the apologies, that’s kinda my thing! Glad to have you around, Upchuck.

    Great catching up at the ET’s today.

  2. You guys looked sufficiently gassed coming in. The 2.0’s were impressed. Well done and good to have you Upchuck!