Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fight Training Day 3 – That’s the wrong bag


12 fighters and 6 2.0s gathered for some early morning training. YHC and his clown car of 2.0 minions got things set up,the Flag was planted and the work began.

Chewy / COP all IC

SSH x 20

IW x 10

DQ x  10

Smurf Jacks x 25

Hillbillies x 10

Smurf Jacks x 2


Partner up with someone about your size. One partner does the station while the other cheers/encourages/rests. Switch after a minute. after both have gone move to next station

1 – Jump Rope

2 – dips

3 – Hell-bc

4 – battle rope

5 – jump squats

6 – Jab, punch, bob and weave

7 – plank

8 – Abyss merkins

9 – flutter kicks

Chewy\Over and Under

PAX lines up and hold a plank

last in line jumps over and crawls under till the end until all have gone



Recess took us out


2 Dog Pile workouts on Saturday @ 6am & 7am – thanks Upchuck
2.0 Friendly workout at Dog Pile on Saturday at 7am – thanks Marv

Hampton Roads Convergence – Nov 11
Miles to run in Charlottesville – Nov 12

Hardywood has Breaking Bread this weekend. Contact him for details


YHC found out the day before that they were doing construction at the church. This cut the size of the AO in half and minor adjustments were made to the plan. hard work was done by all. A couple of low punches were delivered during the bob and weaves. Mumble chatter and spirits were high trough the circuits as partner pushed partner. We say that this is a you vs you workout, but what i have seen is that it is a PAX vs the you that you were five minutes ago. the PAX pushes each other, cheers each other, raises each other to make each other better. From the first person done to the six the PAX is there.

Thanks for letting us lead

“you will be in the ring by yourself, but you will not be alone”







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  1. Wasn’t going to go this morning. Was feeling awful. But I am glad I did. Great workout. Want to do more hitting of things.