Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hutton’s Dong


19 dedicated souls emerged from the fart sack for a morning of fun and frolics.

The Thang:

Mosey 2 feet to the field, 15x arm circles, 15 x helicopters, 43x LBC, 15 x Don Quixote.  Mosey around school, into Windsor Farms and to the Baptist Church field (a total of 1.02 miles according to Garmin).  7-11’s in the field.  7’s on short way of field with Burpees and Merkins, 11’s on the long way of the field with WWII Situps and Lt Dan’s  Mosey to Windsor road entrance and stop halfway down.  Pair up for Love Hill special.  Run to cary an back, partner does lunges, polar bears, and broad jump burpees, switch until all PAX at Cary.  Carefully mosey back to the shovel flag and finish up.


Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Mr. Dance.  He turned and even (maybe odd) 43 yesterday.  Such a young pup.  Great to have Prohibition in from out of town.  Always good to have a guest for a beatdown.  Hopefully we gave him and appropriate workout and he will post next time he is in town.

During the 7-11’s the PAX was given YHC a hard time.  A hard time for my usage of “thats what she said”.  Please people, that is an appropriate response to just about anything.  You just have to have a little bit of an imagination and it fits with almost any comment.  I can’t remember the context today, but I am sure it worked despite indications otherwise from the PAX.  Since YHC was the Q, I took the opportunity to stop the harassment by calling for 5 burpees.  It works everytime.

So, going over to Windsor Farms is fun, but it does have its hazards.  On the way over, the PAX got split up because of traffic on Cary.  I decided to take another route back, knowing it would be a little riskier.  I urged all to run on the sidewalk, which was safer, kinda.  The sidewalk in that area is ridiculous.  The pavers are all messed up because of the big tree routes making running a difficult task. All survived, mostly.  On the way back, Saab relayed to YHC that EF Hutton had run into  a street sign and then in the description murmured something about a dong.  Saab was trying to describe the sound made when Hutton hit the sign, I interpreted it a little bit different and was trying to figure out how a sign had collided with that part of Hutton…after my conversations with Hutton, I realized it was just a sound that the sign made.  One request from Hutton.  He does not want avoiding a sign to be called out as a “Hutton” (ala Goldberg and curbs) in the future.  I am sure we will all be respectful of his wishes.

2.0 and double dip opportunities this weekend at Dogpile

Hampton roads anniversary on the 11th, Cville 4 milers on the 12th.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Enjoyed the workout gents. As a bonus to the PAX doing the 1 mile challenge this month, the mosey to the church qualifies.

    Hutton, hope your dong is ok. That can be quite an injury (or not)

  2. No worries EF. Now every time I encounter a sign-obstacle I’ll just call out “Dong” (short for “Hutton’s Dong”). Translated: “Steer clear of that thing, you might get hurt…”

    Thanks for the Lt Dans TYA…you suck.

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