Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BEAST – CBOS Edition


12 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  Dogpile was the final stop for the Cinder Block of Success 2017 Tour.  According to legend, it went a little something like this.

Each man grab a Cinder Block of Success (CBOS) and mosey to the circle for a little COP.

IC SSH X 20, DQ X 10, ACF X 15, ACR X 15, LBC X 20, FM X 20, M X 10

CBOS Beast

Mosey to field in front of the Carillon for a little Beast action.  For those unfamiliar with the Beast this exercise breaks down like this.  Run to the 25 yard mark to complete 6 repetitions of an exercise.  Then to the 50 yard mark for 6 more repetitions and then on to the 75 yard mark for anther 6 reps.  Run to the 100 yard mark and turn around.  Back at the 75 do 6 more reps.  Then on to the 50 complete another 6 reps and at the 25 wrap up the round with 6 more reps.  From there run to the start and decline plank until the pax returns.

For this special edition all rounds are done with the CBOS.

Round 1: Squats with CBOS

Round 2: Kettle bell swings with CBOS

Round 3: Incline Merkin with one hand on CBOS, other hand on ground

Round 4: Squat press.  In standing position squat to put CBOS on ground then raise overhead.

Round 5:  WWII sit-ups.  Start with feet in CBOS holes.  Hands touch ground behind head and come all the way over to touch the top of the CBOS.

Round 6: Burpees

Mosey to road.  Raise CBOS overhead and keep in that position all the way back to the flag.

Numberama, namerama, Lab Rat led us out.


Outstanding job this morning men.  This is a challenging workout and even more so when the CBOS is added.  You should be very proud of yourself.  TClaps to Winklevoss for a monster effort today.  For a second post you absolutely crushed it.  Bleeders skinny twin brother showed up as well as he led most of the rounds of the Beast.

YHC felt the need to recommit in a big way and the Q sheet is what does it.  It ensures you are purposeful, show up early,  be prepared and ready to lead.  If you can do this when it’s early, hard and cold (that’s what she said) then you can do it any other part of your life.  F3 has become a fantastic resource to do this. YHC would like to extend deepest gratitudes to the pax for the past week of iron shrapening excellence.


YHC is the Q for Breaking Bread this weekend on Sunday 10/29. If you need a friendly reminder that the best version of you is a servant leader and you need a good gut check on how very fortunate you are, then this event will move your soul.  If you have a few hours to spare to serve some food and make conversation, please let Lab Rat know. Is approximately 5:00 – 7:00pm. http://www.dailyplanetva.org/give-help/breaking-bread/

Hampton Roads 1 Year Anniversary Convergence is on Saturday Nov 11 at 7AM located at Stink HIll.

Our western brothers in CVille are recruiting for the Mens Four Miler on Sunday Nov 12.

Crimson 120:  If an hour long sufferfest (Yale Style) wasn’t enough for you, the great Upchuck is hosting a double workout on Saturday 10/21 as a kickoff initiative to have this be a monthly event. See him for details and ask him about the vegan fish tacos in the Porcellian Club. Dum vivimus vivamus.


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  1. You guys were absolute warriors today. Very well done. Thank you for the monster effort and opportunity to sharpen some iron. Dominate your Wednesday and keep on being super.

  2. Just what the Dr. ordered for a tweaked low back. During the WWII sit up portion of the beast my low back popped and most of my pain went away. ” Falls down a well eyes go crossed… gets kicked by a mule .. eyes go back… I don’t know” sage words of cousin Eddie. Hardywood is gonna put me out of business… The cinder block was a success for me this morning. Great Q.. lets build something with those f$&@kers and leave them home.

  3. Killer beast, never had one last the entire workout! That was brilliant and aweful at the same time, it was Hardywood Strong!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well we had not done a cider block beast in 3 years so guess it was time – wish I would have known about it in advance 🙂 Way to bring it Hardywood! Bleeder’s twin brother is a skinny bitch too….
    Well done guys – way to push..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  5. Now that is a beast. Well done men and much respect for the last week of Qs and toting those CBOSs around Hardywood. For all the pain that you dished out over the past week, your leadership and endurance in leading those workouts is impressive. Nice work!

    I would encourage anyone who has not done Breaking Bread to try to fit it into your schedule. It is time well spent and you will not regret it.

  6. Breaking Bread is on the schedule for 10/29, one week from this Sunday.

    Other than that, flawless execution of a world tour with your “rock” band (get it)? I was the recipient of 2 shows, dont know if I could handle a third!

    Also, sweet reference, Flipper! I laughed out loud, as the kids would say.

  7. Breaking bread update – The date for F3 RVA to lead here is on October 29th. Please see Lab Rat for details.

  8. A CBOS Beast AND an Emily Dickinson reference IN LATIN. That is Porcelain Club quality stuff.