Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PM Punishment


Two F3 regulars and one FNG posted for the new evening edition of The Punisher.  We assembled in the front parking lot and started promptly at 18:45 PM with the following Thang:  Mosey to the side yard for startup COP with 20 x Invisible Jump Ropes, 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Imperial Walkers, 15 x Helicopters, and 15 x Arm Circles (to and fro).

Mosey further to the outdoor classroom for Lindsays with Incline Merkins and Flutter Kicks. Finish and head to the school wall for Triple Check with People’s Chair, Elbow Plank, and jog to the totem pole and back.  Return to the pavilion for second Lindsay with Dips and Hello Dollys.  Return, then, to the school wall for a second Triple Check with Upright Wall Plank, Squats, and jog around the nearest bush with one Burpee thrown in.

Follow with an AMRAP involving 10 x Carolina Dry Docks, 10 x Squats, 10 x Mountain Climbers, and 10 x LBCs – targeted completion of at least 6 rounds.  Mosey a short distance and circle up for brief stretching sequence.

Mosey to the virtual ShovelFlag for COT with Numberama and Namerama.  YHC took us out.

Moleskin:  The move to the evening seemed to work fine.  The AO wasn’t too busy.  It seems a permanent move to nighttime may work fine.  There are plenty of other workout choices on Monday mornings.  Good to see Nightcrawler – think this was his first Punisher post.  An F3 welcome to Ray Flournoy who we named Sonny (as in Jorgensen).


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