Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dog gone Turkey Trot


10 able runners and 1 FND arrived at Spider run for some servings of parts of the Turkey Trot


See the route above, Everyone did some variation of the route.

COT Swirly took us out


Dutch arrived with a four legged runner, Kenya ( the Friending New Dog’s F3 Name), YHC is pretty sure Kenya could have kept on going without issue.

Saab preferring to avoid any hills, he did a googolplex of loops around the lake. Recovery seems to be moving along nicely; however, For this year’s Turkey Trot, Saab is going to unexplainably be “out of town” and unable to participate in the race.

Wedding Singer trying Splinter’s junior size reflective vest for the first time, made it back safely to the AO without incidence. Swirly did get in a few extra miles by pre-running, YHC Pre-Run was backwards running (side note – the Nike App somehow reduced my mileage total – Lug Nut you may be able to catch up)

Welcome Pusher! Coming from the F3 Carolina’s region. YHC did not know the Spider Gift Store was open before 0530. Pusher was in full Spider gear, Shirt, Shorts & Shoes; he was giving MARV a run for his money “VCU vs UR”; although, UR with home court advantage, MARV Cranked out a healthy lead!

Post Run Activity

TYA calls YHC with “Hey, where are you?” YHC responds,”What’ up?”, TYA “Clavin’s car is dead at Ellewoods.” YHC, “Oh My way,” A few moments later, Clavin’s car started, and on it’s way to Advance Auto.


Turkey Trot – November 23 – Sign up here = Sign up

Hampton Roads – November 11 – Convergence at Stink
Charlottesville – November 12 – Mens Four Miler – Sign up here —Sign up

What’s left of Bleeder out


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  1. Wedding Singer on

    FYI – Turkey Trot is down to less than 10 spots open as of this morning. Awaiting the M to confirm where we’ll be this holiday, hoping to join. Enjoyed the route Bleeder, good looking out.

  2. Love the route Bleeder. Sorry I missed the instructions but Marv, Dutch and I almost made it all the way around. Kenya was definitely setting the pace in the group.

  3. If Saab is in town he commits to be there either cheering on the Woodfin Clan or following along by jumping into the masses with a re-purposed obfuscated racing bib…

  4. Honeydo informed me that I was mentioned in the back blast.

    Thank you TYA and Bleeder for the rescue! I hope to be back soon. I won’t have a dead battery as an excuse to miss the gloom though.

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