Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sippy Cup Friendly


Four studs posted on a Sunday morning.

Across the bridge, Buttermilk to T. Pottersfield to North Bank and back to the parking lot.  7 miles covered by the PAX


Pulled into the parking lot this morning and who did I see.  Sippy Cup.  Yep, this is only the second time that Sippy has posted for a Sunday morning trail run.  The last time was more than two years ago.  Great to have Sippy out there.  Speaking of pulling into the parking lot when I was coming down the hill I spotted Saab’s RR in front of me.  In a move that would have made Bleeder proud,  I pulled to the left, passed Saab and took a right turn into the parking lot just ahead of him.   Saab was also back on the trails for the first time in a while and the second time in the last four months.  I know he was happy to be out there…we were certainly happy to have him back in the running PAX.  Shakedown continues to lay the miles down…he stayed with Sippy for the first half and then Sippy had to make an appointment so left Shakedown in the dust…..



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  1. What fun. Just like old times – except for the fact that TYA is now faster than me (running or walking). No matter….being back on the Sunday trail run was awesome. ET’s was also particularly enjoyable. Thanks for leading today.

    Saab out

  2. I enjoyed my run with Sippy Cup across the T-Pot but I’m not sure I could have hung with him the last couple of miles so while I was sorry to see him go, I was also kind of relived – lol. Good times fellas – and ET’s for the win.