Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lightening Rod


Four hardy souls rushed into the storm, did not oversleep their alarms, and proceeded to perform something they would sternly advise their children to avoid – slinging a metal ball high in the air during a thunderstorm. Here is how they did it:

The Thang


Neck circles x 10 each way IC

Arm circles x 10 front, back, sideways, IC

Hip circles x 10 each way IC

Copperhead squats x 20 IC

Shoulder stretch (Fudd’s wife) followed by Wilson’s Wife to straight-armed pickle-pounders (IC x 10), repeat with pickle-pounders x 6

Merkins with hands on kettlebell x 5 IC

Two hand kettlebell thrust x 5 IC

Put above two exercises together for KB burpees x 5 OYO


Ring of Fire

One man does three KB burpees while everyone else does KB swings; three times around the circle


Jacob’s Ladder

Pair off and each pair takes their KBs to opposite sides of the track. Perform one KB burped; partners go back-to-back (note carefully, No Idea) and shuffle to meet the other pair in the middle, then return for two KB burpees; repeato to seven KB burpees.


Stations Around the Track

Three men spread out along the track. One man does KB swing, one alternates halos/sling-shots, and one does goblet squats. Fourth man is runner, relieving the next man on the track who then proceeds to the next station. Continue for a complete loop.


Boat-Canoes (x 10?)



American hammers with KB x 5 IC

Snatch x 10 each arm OYO


Stretch Medley


Numberama, Namorama, No Idea took us out



The crew this morning showed true grit. Not only was it pouring rain and lightening, but Spit I think was still not fully cleared from heatstroke after (during?) the Army 10-miler last weekend. While we learned of Spit’s NDE, The Carpenter rolled in, and it was officially time to begin exercising. What YHC intended to be a challenging workout of traditional KB and bootcamp exercises with some slight twists, the PAX crushed. During boat-canoes the plan was to continue until someone cried “Uncle” – and then do a few more reps (thus, the above-featured movie clip). After what felt like forever, without hearing so much as a grunt, YHC finally caved and asked if anyone was tired; one nameless PAX affirmed, so we completed another round and then moved on. Everyone looked strong. Congratulations to No Idea for completing his first workout in a hard rain; sounded like this might have been preferable for him. As always, it was a pleasure and privilege to lead this group.



Hampton Roads F3 will host a convergence on November 11th at 7:00 AM.


Others? (YHC did not write these down.)


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  1. Awesome job today, guys. I love these KB workouts, and I am so grateful you all are there to push me.

  2. Great Q today, Helix! Those KB burpees are lethal. And yes, I love working out in the rain! The cold, not so much, I’m a Louisiana boy.

  3. BYOK, if you wish, to Double Dog October 21.

    1st Hour, 1st F at 6 am.

    2nd Hour, 1st F at 7 am.

    1st Hour, 2nd F at 8 am.

    Repeat 2nd F until PAX or M calls time.