Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spider Swim


10 posted on  what should have been a fall morning for a Spider run.

The Thang

Out the back entrance of UR to River, right on Huguenot right on Westham Station, follow to the end (at River Road, 4 milers turn around and head back, five milers hit one more hill off Westham Station and back, 6 milers hit two more hills.


All started out fast this morning including Bleeder and Swirly who did one or two laps across the lake.  Swirly warned all that the sweat would start 3 steps into the run and he wasn’t far off.  It was downright sticky out there today.  By the end of the run, we all looked as if we had taken a dip in the lake.  In fact, if we had taken a dip, we would have been dryer.  Folks were a lot slower on the way back and a few or us, including YHC, opted for a shorter run than planned.

Quite a stink out there on the road.  Roadkill smell was prominent from end turn at the end of Westham Station all the way to the top.  It didn’t help that it was an out and back since we had to repeat the road and the smell.

Toucan is losing the weight and gaining speed these days.  He had a really fast start then faded a little due to a hamstring strain.  Saab was back out on the run this morning and kept pace with YHC (quite an accomplishment for anyone).  He put in 5 miles and seemed no worse of the wear.  The stairs today/tonight will tell the real story. (keeping my fingers crossed).  Lockjaw not spotted on the course, but is scheduled to Q RAMM for the next several weeks.


Marv to host post Dogpile workout on the 21st.  All 2.0s are welcome to come out.

Upchuck running a second workout on the 21st as well.  Double dip if you can.




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Man that was tough this morning – way to push through guys… Think I’m still sweating..
    Good route TYA!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. I almost drove by on my way to DC this morning at 5am to try to petition for a Big Data point, Wilson-style.

  3. Weather was just about perfect in my mind. Just happy to be out there. Look forward to RAMM and Lockjaw’s weekly lesson on Richmond’s historical sites.

  4. Nice route.

    I’m amazed by the work that Singer is putting in. If he’s not careful, he’s going to be labeled as a runner. Half marathon coming up, and he is well prepared.

  5. I’m amazed there was no mention that Lab Rat found this AO without getting lost. Was the fifth time a charm?

    I also got mentioned in a backblast for a workout I didn’t post for. Help me if I am becoming Lab Rat!

  6. This week will be special no doubt. A return to RAMM as I finish this year off (excluding Lab Rat’s dibs on next Friday).

  7. If it’s any consolation, Boston was just like Richmond last night after the TD completed it’s traverse… 79 at night and 95% humidity.

    No end to the bitchin of the locals.