Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Resolution Personified – Cinder Block Of Success Edition


7 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  It went a little something like this.

Grab a cinder block of success (CBOS) and mosey to field for a little COP.

IC: 20 X SSH, 10 X DQ, 20 X IW, 20 X LBC, 20 X FM, 11 X Merkin

Lindsay:  Begin with 10 decline merkins (feet on CBOS) then pick up CBOS run to the other end of the field and complete 20 WWII situps.  Then 15 merkins/25 situps, 20 merkins/20 situps, 25 merkin/15 situps, 30 merkins /10 situps.

Catch Me If You Can:  Grab CBOS, mosey to track and partner up.  One partner grabs 2 CBOS and starts running.  Other partner completes two burpees then runs to catch up with the other partner.  Then switcheroo.  Complete one lap as a team.  For lap two same as above, but complete 3 burpees before running with CBOS.

Dora 1,2,3: Mosey to hill with CBOS and partner up.  One partner runs up hill with CBOS and other partner begins a set of exercises.  Exercises are 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 two count flutter kicks.

Numberama, namerama, COT and the great Honeydo lead us out.


YHC is in the process of moving offices and came across a pile of cinder blocks.  Since that moment their only destiny was to make an appearance in a workout.  Not quite sure of the exact weight, but it seems to make everything a little more difficult.  Of particular note was the carrying of two CBOS during Catch Me If You Can.  Such fun was had that this shenanigan may make another appearance in the near future. Big thanks for the Tuckahoe tribe for the privilege of spending a morning in their fair hood.


Hampton Roads 1 Year Anniversary Convergence is on Saturday Nov 11 at 7AM located at Stink HIll.

Our western brothers in CVille are recruiting for the Mens Four Miler on Sunday Nov 12.

Please put October 29th on your calendar for Breaking Bread. Details to come soon.


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  1. My forearms are still burning Hardywood. Between the CBOS and humidity I was smoked. Ronnie might be faster running with a cinder block somehow.

  2. The CBOS brought out the Heartbreak in Heartbreak Ridge. I can barely lift my arms or legs. Great Q Hardywood.

  3. So I tossed the proverbial coin this morning…should I attend a Spider Run – even though my ability to run is still under debate – or attend a Hardywood beatdown…

    Reading the above puts me at great peace with my decision…

  4. Glad you chose Spider Run since Hardywood had his Land Rover out at Heartbreak Ridge. And if you were there with your Rover then I think one of them would have had to explode if I understand how those vehicles work