Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bad decisions were made this morning…


YHC rolled up to No Toll this am to see Gumbo finishing his mile-great commitment Gumbo! And the cars kept rolling in…19 men showed up this am to see if Flatline could count correctly! Ever since YHC first Q, all exercises have been found at the Exicon on F3 homepage or modified slightly.

Mosey to the parking lot for COP-X15 arm circle (10 small, 5 big),  X15 Imperial Walker Squats, X20 Don Quixote, X15 Merkins, X15 LBC. And mosey to the soccer field…

Exercise 1-WMD Crawl (Werkin, Merkin, Diamond Merkin) Bear Crawl……starting, x10 Bear Crawl/X5 Werkins, X10 Bear Crawl/X5 Merkins, X10 Bear Crawl/X5 Diamond Merkin and repeat previous 3 exercises in exact order to the end of soccer field back. Now, before PAX started there was plenty of mumble chatter…”the entire field”, “that’s a lot of merkins..” YHC knew the exercise was perfect when Rosie chimmed in, “..how far.”, or something to that extent. And, if Honeymoon ever needs another F3 name, “Bleeding Gash” would be perfect….I mean full of verbage this am. But the mumble chatter added to the experience…TOTALLY! YHC could not hear anymore complaining so an audible was called after finishing one length of the field. I mean BITCHING galore…so YHC switched all merkins to lunges-X10 Bear Crawls/X5 lunges for length of soccer field. Planks, waiting for PAX to finish. Mosey to parking lot, specifically, plenty of curb space….

Exercise 2- The Butkis, in honor of Rocky’s dog! One minute toe touches to the curb, as fast as possible. One minute Al Gore with a few touchdown poses than one minute of toe touches, as fast as possible. We performed two cycles of this exercise. Rosie did point out to YHC that we may need to move to a point in the parking lot with light since YCH could not see his stopwatch. Others suggested just buying a new watch!! But YHC’s worked fine….just fat fingers from my gloves trying to his light button. Small ass buttons…………and mosey back to soccer field.

Exercise 3-Super 21. Again, all exercises are listed in exicon or modified, including Super 21. You vs You. 1 merkin, 1 burpee, 2 merkins, 2 burpees, 3 merkins, 3 burpees, 4 merkins, 4 burpees…..continued till 21 merkins and 21 burpees are finished. Again YHC heard, “you mean we are going to do both exercises…” and “…more merkins..” And yes, even Rosie was adding to the mumble chatter. Honeymoon was full of himself this morning, and yes more bitching. So after YHC performed 9 merkins and 9 burpees and my ears could not hear anymore. AUDIBLE!! To the baseball courts…oops, I meant basketball courts. At least, I got the counting right this time. Mosey to the courts…

Exercise 3-Dora-cides. Partner up. One partner runs suicides while other partner performs stated exercises and flapjack…suicides and X100 Arm circles, Suicides and X 200 LBC’s, and last, suicides and X 300 squats. And with one minute left in YHC’s workout, all PAX members did 1 suicide, AYG(all you got). Short mosey to parking lot…

Number-ama, name-r-ama, and announcements, of which there were none. Except, Wilson–“dogs and kids.” Marmaduke took us out!

Great showing this morning. Thank you for following and YHC knows he did something super when Rosie is involved with mumble chatter about YHC’s exercises!! Great to see newer F3 brothers continue to post-POSH, Ram Man, Ollivander as well as some old faces, Flashdance-good to see you brother!

I am blessed to be able to get out of the fartsack and lead the PAX this morning!! I will always be thankful for this group and the men I have come to know and call my friends!!!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Awesome job this morning Flatline! You handled the mumblechatter like a champ. Way to work fellas!

  2. WMD and Super 21…each, individually will make a workout a beatdown to remember but both…YIKES! Flatline was trying to inflict some serious pain this morning. I, personally, would like to give the Super 21 another shot and the prime spotlight it deserves…more to come….

    The mumble-chatter was intense today. Could it be the lack of SSHs at the beginning didn’t take enough air out of Honeymoon. He was so chatty today that his husband, Wilson, had already fired up the car and had to drag Honeymoon from COT like I remember my dad dragging my Mom away from gossip time after church on Sundays…You guys are best couple in the Emerging New Market Nano-Region. I love it!

    Great morning fellas. Thanks for leading Flatline!

  3. For those that haven’t looked up Super 21 in the Lexicon, see below. Flatline preferred Super 21 on Steroids.

    Super 21: Do 1 merkin followed by 1 situp; 2 merkins / 2 situps; 3 merkins / 3 situps, etc., etc. ……. up to 21 merkins/ 21 situps (total of 231 merkins and 231 situps). Insert other exercises in between to allow for recovery (i.e. – Super 21 #1 – #10, Monkey Humpers x 21, Super 21 #11-#13, Mountain Climbers x 21, Super 21 #14-#15, etc.).

  4. Great job Flatline, I am glad you took the mumblechatter as the intended compliment it was. That was brutal from the 200 yard bear crawl on. DK enjoyed the WMD too much, I am afraid he might bring that back.
    The Lexicon version of the Super 21 looks much better than the 231 burpees that would have resulted without the audible. That’s more than the ABB!

  5. Flatline-you are a pro! Well done today. I am smoked. @Gumbo – my bitch was chatty today! Had to handle that on ride home. lol

  6. Solid smackdown, Flatline – if it was easy I wouldn’t bother coming. WMD was a beast though, for sure. Thanks

    Gumbo – way to go on that morning run. I will probably do the same as last night and have to put down the paintbrush and go burn out a mile at 9:00… this challenge is more challenging that I thought it would be but like I said above, if it was easy why bother.

    Great work men!

  7. Yes, I was thinking that burpees may be off,slightly, but what the heck…like Shakedown said, if it was to be easy, stay in the fart sack!

  8. Sorry to miss this Q brah. . WMD crawl and super super 21 in the same morning. Super Flatline.

  9. Reminder: 2nd Hour Double Dog October 21st. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself.

    To quote TYA,”People like hard stuff.”