Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A Mighty 12 came out for a wet Hoedown and to see the AO that last week’s inaugural seventeen have been talking about.

It started out in the bus loop with COP:

  • Invisible Jump Rope (bringing a little Punisher to Hoedown)
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Slow Don Quixotes
  • Russian Soldiers

Mosey down Lindsay Drive to Lindsay Court all the way down the hill to the end.  Time for some Lindsays.  Start with 30 merkins and 10 Box Cutters flipping positions and increasing/decreasing count by five til you are at 10 and 30.

Partner up for Catch Me If You Can.  Partner 1 runs up the hill backwards while partner 2 does three burpees and runs to their partner.  Swap roles and repeat until you reach the stop sign.

Cross the road and bear crawl up the hill.  Mosey to the back play ground for modified 4 Corners.  It’s modified in that three of the stations are in a row and a fourth across the track.  At the end of the day, 4 stations and a lap around the track.

  • Station 1 – Derkins with legs suspended by swings
  • Station 2 – Suspend yourself from the monkey bars and leg lifts
  • Station 3 – Dips off the benches
  • Station 4- Box Jumps

20 of each exercise and repeato 3 times.

Finish up with 11s – WWII, run across the field, Scorpions

Mosey Back to SF.  Labrat took us out.


After last week’s total darkness, we had more ambient light even with the clouds and rain.  Headlights aided us in our workout trek this morning.  Saab called the Lindsays “Lazy Lindsays” since we didn’t run between exercises.  Commentary was quickly replaced by grunting and gyrations in the street as the full effect of the Lindsay was experienced.  YHC chose that spot in proximity to a potential EH mark.  Nothing says come out and play like twelve guys in your street working out.

For those who came for the Lockjaw history lesson, as you were running backwards up the road there was a place of significance to your right.  There is an 1830s farmhouse owned by Dr. Patterson named Paradise.  This is where Tuckhoe Elementary held their first classes in the basement prior to the construction of the current school.  Besides being a local doctor, he was a captain of the tobacco industry founding the Lucky Strike brand among others.  As you can probably deduce, Patterson Avenue is named after him since it went through his land.

Finally, the box jumps and derkins were a special challenge.  Derkins off of a moving swing is a good core exercise as well.  The box jumps were on a four cornered spring device.  When the Pax hit is just right it would catapult the Pax on the opposing side like a trampoline.  Timing is everything.


  • For those driving to Hoedown, do not park in the row of spaces adjacent to the bus loop.  Early arriving teachers prefer these spots.  Let’s keep the peace in our new AO.
  •   Upchuck is starting up a double dog dare monthly workout on October 21.  Come for Dogpile and stay for a second hour.  This month it coincides with Puppy Pile, but ongoing it may not.
  • Puppy Pile on October 21 @ 7am.  Kid friendly workout at the Carillon.

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  1. My first visit to Hoedown did not disappoint LJ. In addition to the aforementioned history lesson (you are always a wealth of information) I also found the AO had expanded their playground equipment since my 2.0s last attended…ah progress.

    Appreciated the joint run from the AO. Hope Lab Rat found his way back safely and was not accosted by the Westham HOA for his lack of upper-body coverage…you know how they can be.

  2. As this BB deserves more responses, I’d also like to give a shout out for Lockjaw’s tag-line…perfect

  3. Thanks Saab. A dozen people post and no back blast chatter. It is indeed odd and could be the Tuckhoe nano-region’s achilles heel (if there is one).

    Not even an “atta baby” from corporate’s review of events from our friends in Richmond Proper.

  4. It helps to have something sophomoric I the bb to get those numbers up. Reference Toga’s ball bb.

    I get it though, a constant issue I deal with at daville.

  5. As a brief social experiment I propose you retitle the backblast to something like “Lindsay from Both Ends”….or “Loose but Lazy Lindsay”…or just “Glory Hole…Lindsay Style”….

    I’ll shut up now

  6. Or I set up the next Q up for post workout mumble chatter….such as 45 min of Honeymoon Suite Ring of Fire on the Forest Ave side of the building.

  7. Lockjaw, great Q, love the history lesson. I’m a “come-here” not a native such as yourself so I appreciate any and all knowledge of this great nano-region.

    Sorry for the general lack of backblast comments, I tend to comment about as much as I speak.

    Saab may be onto something with the comment about glory holes though.

  8. Thanks EF. Gotta spice up the backblast titles and entice the reader to read further. Saab and his glory holes….