Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Moon’s Out, Shoes Off!


YHC arrived to find Hardywood sipping his coffee. Gumbo and Rosie accepted the monthly challenge and finished running their mile and Mr. Roper peeling in hot with 4 minutes before the start! YHC decided to utilize James River HS fall field and track so we moseyed to The Swamp. During the run Hardywood and Mr. Roper started mumble chatter about a common acquaintance between the two who started a monthly mens group in his backyard. No workouts and their name-Extraordinary League of Ordinary Men. See Hardywood and Mr. Roper for clarification and any questions.

End zone COP- X15 Arm circle (10 small, 5 big) and YHC forgot to stop (jacked up the count again), X15 squats,  X15 LBC,  X15 Don Quixote, and X15 Imperial Walkers

Workout 1-Modified Merkin Mile (without the Merkins). Partner up and YHC was solo. Lap 1-one partner runs, other partner mountain climbers, switch. Now originally YHC thought mountain climbers would be a good work out for all four laps but quickly realized that was not happening. Lap 2-Run and squats, switch. Lap 3-Run and LBC, switch. Lap 4-Run and Arm Circles, switch.

Workout 2-Quarter Pounder. Start at goal line, run to 25 yd line, perform 25 merkins and run back to goal  line. Than run to 50 yd line, perform 50 squats, run back to goal line. Run to 75 yd line (opponents 25 yd line), perform 75 mountain climbers, run back to goal line. Run 100 yds to other end zone, perform 100 SSH and back to goal line. Right before we started, YHC noticed Hardywood was sans shoes and Hardywood responded with his typical “super” response. YHC was thinking during workout 2 let’s give this a try. So before YHC started workout 3 off came the shoes and socks and looked down the line and the other 3 PAX members were sans shoes and socks too.

Workout 3-Merkin Ladder. All PAX members in bare feet too. Run to 50 yd maker, 20 Merkins and back to goal line for 19 Merkins. Run to 50 yd marker for 18 Merkins, back to goal line for 17 Merkins, and so on til there were no more Merkins to do. Hardywood is onto something, and you too Labrat! No socks and shoes….no problem!

With just enough time to place our grassy feet back in socks and shoes, we moseyed over the hill back to Betty Weaver for number-ama, name-r-ama, and announcements; Viral has fundraiser tomorrow, Richmond Community Toolbank Hammers and Ales, check preblast. Dogpile Q spoken for till end of November.

YHC took us out!

Every time I work out with all F3 fella’s, I quickly realize that getting up at 0500 or riding in a clown car, totally makes my day. Thank you for your energy, spirit, and never ending commitment to strive in being a better person. God Bless!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Apparently the Emerging New Market Nano Region was knocked out of commission by Sparky yesterday – maybe except Honeymoon (haven’t seen the RAMM BB yet).

    Great Q Flatline and great work guys. Plenty of running and some high-rep exercises (especially for Rosie, Flatline and Hardywood as it takes Mr. Roper and I just a little longer to get around the track – #choosepartnerswisely). And damn, that moon was gorgeous this morning.

    See you in the gloom fellas.

  2. Yeah buddy! Way to lead Flatline. This was a great Q and big thanks to Rosie for the push. Big props the the southside tribe for going au natural this morning.

    A few notes on being sans shoe. 1) If a Higher Power is your thing, it’s hard to argue she’s not a brillant engineer. 2) There’s something to being in a state where you are 100% accountable. Without a shoe to protect you from the world, we tend to be a bit more conscious of how we move through it.

    In an instant you can experience appreciation, accountability and being present. Throw in a few good brothers soaked in moonlight and you my friend have the recipe for a pretty awesome day.

  3. Dude! Love the avatar, Flatline!

    You made my day with the drop-in yesterday (or Wednesday). Thanks for the boost!

  4. Lab Rat-know what is funny, I did not add that avatar but yea it is awesome! Not sure who did either! And sounds like if I visited yesterday, I would have missed all the excitement in front of Gateway.

  5. Hardywood, very true my friend-appreciation, accountability, and being present. Well said!

  6. Great job Flatline, happy to follow your lead today, even if it was a little painful. The fields SOJ are great for going barefoot, will have to try that again. Thanks for the idea Hardywood.