Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcome to the Jungle


16 strong warriors posted in the gloom to WDOG and here is how it all went down.

Mossy to the Jacob’s ladder bowl for warm up = IW’s, Helicopters, Windmills, AC’s, SSH’s, APD’s, LBC’s.

Love Hill : Partner up – run from the sign to the gate – 3 exercises = polar bears, LT. Dan’s, Russian Solder’s

Amp Theatre: 1st step =   1 dip 1 incline merkin –

2nd step 2 dips 2 incline merkins – 3rd step 3 dips 3 incline merkins then 3 burpees . repeat 6 times to the top of the steps.

Pole Smoker Indian Run : 4 pole smokers run to the end of the line while pax does Freddy Mercury’s and Flutter Kicks .

Wheelbarrows: Partner up wheelbarrow to the middle of the circle – 2 merkins wheelbarrow backwards 2 merkins – switch up partners and repeat. 2 times each partner.

Curb Crawl Ladder: 1- 5 and back down – incline and decline merkins

Indian/Native American Run – back to the flag .

Highlights: According to a number of pax members  YHC takes these workouts pretty damn seriously 🙂 Dang right we are there to work baby ! It’s no secret YHC loves to lead the workouts. It’s hard to beat a beautiful morning and intense exercise combined with committed and dedicated men. Doing this 7 times a week makes YHC a better man – no doubt about it. News flash – it makes all of the pax better men too – so keep coming out keep pushing yourself and keep surrounding yourself with strong, solid dudes – cause I guarantee you – emotionally , Physically, Mentally you will be better equipped to handle what life throws at you.  OK I’ll get off my box now – on with the story….

On the mossy towards love hill 3 nice size deer ran right in front of YHC which made me come to a quick stop. Circle K was right there with me but missed the deer – again … Thankfully nobody was hurt and we proceeded with the workout. Men’s Health had a story a few months back that said the Amazon look was back in style for women – yep YHC read this article in utter disbelief…. YHC is not a fan of having to use a machete – but we sure could have used one this morning cause the amp theatre was a jungle… Dude Hardywood – first question where were you this morning and second – the pax was saying you were the one that was gonna trim this bush….. YHC is here to tell you that bush needs trimming -( Not that there is anything wrong with that)… Thankfully we all made it out of the jungle alive. Sippy cup had a quick scare right at the end as he was going down for his burpee’s a morning dove shot out of the tall grass – it gave a few of us quite a jolt – especially cause we were all waiting for the first guy to land and come up with a snake..

Lot’s of moans and groans as usual on the pole smokers… The wheelbarrow up and back were a real crowd pleaser – YHC partner Goldberg crushed it – well done dude … Some of the pax were being dragged back by their partners – hey whatever works baby – love the effort.  Bootleg pushed hard on the Indian run back to the flag – way to work man – keep pushing your doing great.  EF Hutton – glad to have you back man – our thoughts and prayers  are with your family at this time brother.

Big thanks to Viral who took us out..

Always a pleasure to lead fella’s – see you dudes in the gloom..


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  1. Great Q Swirl…Thanks to Wheelbarrow and Oyster for pushing (and pulling) me along.

    Best to EF and his family. Take care brother.

    Yet another reminder why the 70’s were highly overrated…. (Trim That!)

    Saab out

  2. Well done Swirly, the steps were clear of the high level brush; however, the dental risk was higher

  3. Hardywood is here and accounted for. Let me call my people and see what we can do about the cleaning up the place. If I have to get shears and make it happen myself so be it. We will bring it back to it’s former glory.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Atta baby! It may be that we all meet out there in the middle of the night and cut her down – city will never know who did it 🙂

  5. Let me see what I can do tonight Lab Rat … I am a bit worried my M might murder me with all the time away from the fam.