Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rosie is Streaking…14 and counting


A lucky (and completely useless for YHC’s plan) number 7 PAX broke the warm embrace and Posted in the deepest and darkest of gloom’s at SOT this morning and this is what greeted them:

COP in the parking lot with DQs, IWs, Arm Circles, SSHs, Tempo Merkins and LBCs

Line up for a 1-mile Native American Run to the track, 1 lap around, back around the bus loop and out onto Old Hundred Road (with headlamps illuminated for safety – SOP per LabRat) down to Brandermill Pkwy and around into the front parking lot of the school.  NOTE – Native American Run portion ceased once we hit the open road.

Plank-o-rama on the curb for the six, then 10 incline merkins on the curb to catch our breath.

Find some wall for 3 round of 20 Donkey Kicks and 10-second wall sits.

Mosey to SOT’s love hill for Jacob’s Ladder – run up the hill to the end of the school and do 1 box cutter, back down for 2, back up for 3….up to 7. Plank for the six and then do 7 more box cutters as a group.

Mosey to the basketball courts for 4- corners (not the Jville way) – corner 1 10 merkins, corner 2 20 werkins, corner 3 30 2-count mountain climbers and corner 4 40 monkey humpers (YEE-HAWW)- run between corners.

Reverso going back to the starting corner with corner 1 – 10 monkey humpers, corner 2 – 20 2-ct mountain climbers, corner 3 – 30 werkins and corner 4 – 40 merkins.

Mosey around to the side of the school by the bus loop for another 3 rounds of Donkey Kicks and 10-second wall sits.

Mosey back to the flag for 5 MOM, including Rocky Balboas, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, Ring of Fire with holding six inches and taking turns doing 10 2-ct flutter kicks and Hello Dollies to close it out.

COT, number-rama (sort of) and name-a-rama and YHC took us out

Only announcement was a reminder of Hammer & Ales event this Saturday – see Viral or his pre-Blast for details


Big shout out to Rosie who is streaking with 14 straight days posting to a workout.  Way to go Rosie.  Honeymoon was giddy with joy today that 14-days in a row and a night out last night with Gumbo and other HS buddies slowed Rosie down enough to let Honeymoon take the lead in Jacob’s Ladder today.  Rosie may have caught him on the 4-corners though.

Also, the PAX got to hear Rosie complain just a bit — he is human!

Have a great Hump Day men.  No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Well done men. 7 totally screwed my partner/triple-check plans but we managed to get a good sweat going!

  2. Gumbo – great workout! You forgot Ram Man on the PAX List. I’m feeling it in the chest today.

  3. Thanks for leading Gumbo and not keeping me out too late. 7 is a lucky number unless you are the Q. The streak is yet another thing to attribute to TT week, I didn’t want to miss what was planned next. The New Market nano-region is starting to plot.

  4. Glad to see the effects of TT continue on. I can see the NMT coming together in my head, where someone tweets out what Wilson had for dinner that evening and where he’ll post the next morning for a warning.