Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lone Southsider


1 runner posted at OTB to get in a few Sunday morning miles.  After waiting around an extra minute or two hoping for a LIFO YHC hit the streeets around Midlothian.  A short loop was initially planned but an exploration of local neighborhoods pushed the mileage closer to 6.

YHC considered not posting a BB but in the end, wanted the Big Data credit.


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    • This one was not as Epic as the first solo post I had since I was a little worn out from the convergence although I did try some solo indigenous people runs again, it was hard to keep up.

  1. Although it is not the ideal scenario to be stuck in a lone wolf workout, The fact that you can let everyone in RVA know means you are never totally alone, Respect Rosie!

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