Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just the Regulars


Three Davillians climbed out of their fart sacks on this cooler first Monday in October. Running routes were set and this is how it went down:

MudFace and No Idea: Showed up early and headed out their normal run/walk route up and down the cross country course

Spit (being the lone longer distance runner): Headed down the access route into Honey Meadows. Up the hill  Meadow Pond Dr to the Kings Charter fire road. Turn right until KCD and loop around at Altee Station back to the fire road. Head down Meadow Pond Dr and loop around the town homes before heading back to the AHS access road and parking lot. Complete a complete cool down laps around the parking lot. Total miles a little over 5.


YHC arrived  at the AO around 5:25 to find MudFace and No Ideas cars in the lot but they had headed out early. YHC did stay around till a little after 5:30 just in case any LIFO decided to show up. Seems like he would be only longer distance runner today.

While heading out and heading back, YHC never ran into the two others posting (You fellas can add your highlights in the comments).




  1. I will give you the Respect for sticking with it, then i’ll give you the “I told you so”. Hook up with the Rutland guys, they run every Monday, same time.

  2. Mud Face and I put in 3.5 miles yesterday, getting closer to the 4 mile mark. We’ll get there some time! Come out and run with us boys! Well not us, we run/walk, but Spit and Grabber run!