Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Form Friday meets Friday Murph


Five Twin Team regulars, one visitor from NOJ and one FNG gathered at Twin Team for a last Friday of the month ritual.  Huddle up to exchange pleasantries and quickly greet the FNG who ran to the workout.  Focus today was on form, which I can attest made this workout awesome.  This is basically what we did.

1 mile warm up.  Work our way to James River Rd and head toward the school.  Dodge the various cars traveling on this road (strange for 530 in the morning at a school) and work our way all the way around JRHS, behind the gym, past the football and baseball fields before meeting up at the Weaver playground.

The Murph
Since this was Form Friday, the focus was on… you got it, form.  Rather than the traditional breakdown of The Murph into 10 sets, the PAX was instructed to break down into 20 sets.  Therefore, it looked something like this:

5 full extension pullups
10 nose to the ground merkins
15 90 degree or less squats

Repeat 20 times for a total of 100/200/300.

No time for a final mile so we just sprinted back to the flag.

Many thanks to Rosie for reminding TT of the last Friday of the month ritual at TwinTeam.  YHC had thought The Murph had disappeared as it appears as if Honeymoon has difficulties with data quality.  Never fear, data fixed and all is well in the world.

This was YHCs first experience with The Murph and man is it complete punishment.  Can’t wait to try it again with the normal # of sets to compare.  Smaller number of reps with a higher number of sets was indeed challenging.

Not sure if this typically happens in The Murph but conversation went sideways for a bit.  Mr Roper started telling stories about his college roommate only to have Rosie retort Swirly’s famous prison quote.  Hmmmmm…

Good catching up with everyone in SOJ today.  Welcome Cameron (DeVito) who received his name as he was born in the same hospital on the same day as Rosie.  They aren’t exactly twins and Cameron doesn’t look like the governator so DeVito it is.

See everyone @ Convergence.

Splinter out



  1. Welcome back to the motherland Splinter. And thanks a million for keeping the Murph Friday streak going – man that is a ball-buster. Even worse in some ways broken down to 20 reps.

    Great work today by everyone and great to finally get DeVito out to a workout. For Halloween he and Rosie should get tan suits and that sweet shirt and post together to a workout…get on it boys!

  2. Great workout. Love the name, but I love the reason for the name even more. We needed a DeVito in the pax, we just didnt know it yet.

  3. Thanks for bringing the Murph, hate to miss a month, Honeymoon will be happy to hear in continued in his absence. I think we are at 10 months now and it still sucks. Now you know when and where to be the last Friday if you want to try it again or maybe it will make it’s way to WDog…
    Welcome Devito glad Splinter’s headlock finally took hold, hope you make it back out soon, at least for a run.

  4. The murph was no joke. Glad to keep the string going. Maybe one of these days my squat form will look at good as Gumbo’s. Kind of like a cross between a three point stance and squatting for a fastball.