Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lucky Horseshoe + Kettlebells = Suck


Nine strong came out to Manndate to find out how could a Kettlebell workout handle the Lucky Horseshoe. After a quick COP and description of the KB alterations we got going:

Lap was from front of school to back by the bus and return. Start with 20 Merkins, then add 20 of following exercises: KB Copperhead Quats, KB Swings, American Hammers w/KB, Lawnmower Rows. After 5 laps drop merkins and down to last exercise, then victory lap.

Finish with Boat-Canoe, Figure 8s, and Halos.

NMS- YHC first trip out to Manndate and the Pax brought it. Most knew what was in store although it was everyone’s first time experiencing the glory of the Lucky Horseshoe. The PAX took right to the LH.

Alterations were made to the traditional 5 LH exercises. The KB squats, Swings, and especially American Hammers were tough.

Spit set the pace and finished with several minutes to spare. Rounders and Helix were not far behind. Wheelie and YHC finished up right at the called time. Some PAX were slowed down with their larger bell sizes while others tossed around their sub-30 lb bells.

COT and Spit took is out.

Announcements – Convergence this Saturday, and sign up for food afterwards on PreBlast. No sign up, no food for you. Prayers for EF Hutton and his family. HR HDHH tonight at 5:30, see preblast.



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  1. Awesome job this morning fellas! Glad I decided to get out of my fart sack this morning. Thanks Honey Do for leading. Lucky Horseshoe is no joke!

  2. Great Q # 2 in DaVille Honey Do. you should probably move to DaVille, sell your preppy clothes, we have great NASCAR tshirts, tattoo artists, and if you need any glue to sport a beard (probably), let us know. Well done. excellent beatdown.

  3. Awesome Q, Honey Do. Closest I’ve come to splashing merlot at a kettlebell workout. Great effort put out by everyone.