Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Garden of Eden…Proper Attire Required


18 strong came out for a beatdown at the plush, well manicured lawns of Hugeonot Park for the Tuesday No Toll edition of the Tuckahoe Takeover.





DQ X15

Imperial Walkers X15

Merkins X12

Freddie Mercuries X15


Mosey to the Pavilion between the fields, Pair up then one partner does 10 box jumps on the bench while the other partner does LBCs.  Repeat 5 times so each partner does 50 box jumps.

Mosey to the adjacent field for a fitting game of croquet.  Three groups of 6 lined up in the tunnel of love and one man crawled through.  Start at the end line and repeat until group has made it across the midfield line.


Mosey to other field for a few versions of the ladder from end line to mid-field.

Merkins 2-4-6-8-8-6-4-2

Jump Squats 2-4-6-6-4-2

WWII situps 2-4-6-6-4-2


Mosey back to basketball court for a triple check.  Balls the wall (or fence), elbow planks and run to the far side of the second court and back.  Repeat 5 times.


The pax then circled up to finish off with a ring of fire with 3 separate members doing 10 Merkins each for two trips around, then 3 burpees each for one trip around before wrapping up.




This was YHC first trip to No Toll (I had just traveled internationally so my passport was up to date) and was quite surprised at the green freshly cut fields of No Toll – it was like working out in your living room compared to some of the West End AO’s where the grass might be cut once a quarter.  Many of the pax were dressed in appropriate attire and would have been welcome at any cocktail party in Old Westham or anywhere along River Road!  Several worked out in loafers, bermuda shorts were worn and Gumbo even doubled down with the double Izod with the popped color.  Very nice my good man!




Hardywood reminded us of breakfast options for Convergence on Saturday – see his message and links below…


“This year we’ll be doing a post workout breakfast on site after the Convergence at Grid Iron.   We’re keeping it super simple with breakfast sandwhiches, fruit and coffee.  Since this is a catered affair (not quite CCV but I’m sure you’ll survive) ONLY THOSE WHO SIGN UP WILL BE FED.


Convergence Breakfast Pre-Blast


Link To Convergence Breakfast Signup



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  1. Great Q Pucker. Thanks for visiting the Southside, hope you got your passport stamped. Now you know why we talk up the fields of NoToll.

  2. Great Q Pucker and welcome Ram Man and Roscoe to our humble abode. I don’t know about the rest of the AOs but the word that comes to mind to describe the gents of No Toll is daper. Well done fellas, well done.

  3. Excellent Q Pucker and PERFECT timing for a Tunnel of Love my friend. Longest ToL I have ever been a part of, but my crew of 6 was killing it. Way to go guys!

    Great to have Roscoe up from Asheville – thanks for visiting. Must have thought I was crazy when I stepped out of my car in Tuckahoe Attire. Glad Pucker, Rosie, Hardywood, Shakedown and others played along.

    Welcome Ram Man – way to push through that first day. Hope to see you as a regular in the New Market clown cars.

  4. Great Q Pucker! I couldn’t pull off the attire but appreciate those that did! Looking forward to more Tuckahoe Takeover this week. Welcome Ram Man!

  5. I love the internet for gems like this…AND Ram Man is included! Never knew Skeletor & Ram Man had such strong feelings for each other.


  6. Good Q Pucker. Tourists are always welcome on the Southside as long as they bring VISA and spend freely.

  7. Nice beatdown pucker! Glad to see that the Brotherhood of the Traveling Vineyard Vines (Aka TuckahoeTakeover) is reppin’ hard this week.