Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

With Batteaus on Their Belts


A strong 11, including 1 FNG, emerged for Day 3 of Tuckahoe Takeover.  Here’s YHC’s recollection of what transpired:


COP: Hammer Dance x22, DQ x11, Windmills x11, Hello Dollies x22, Stick in the Mud (back lifts) x11 IC

Mosey to playground.  3 sets of 6 Pull-Ups, 15 Monkey Humpers, and 15 HTH.  Add a fourth set as a tribute to home additions in Tuckahoe.

From Green Acres to Beverly Hills: Two groups of railroad tracks across the bottom of Forest Hill bowl.

The Last Shall Be First: Crawl Bear competition up the steep side of the bowl.  If a PAX taps out, he runs backward up the hill, and forward down the hill to the furthest remaining Crawl Bearer and repeat until all PAX are done.

HoneyDo Tribute: Derkin Wheelbarrows down the bowl and up the other side, with ab exercises mixed in.  Ab exercises included Flutterkicks, Freddie Mercurys, WW II Situps, MC Hammer American Hammers, American Hammers.

Tennis Court Triple Check: Plank, LBCs, run around tennis court.

Merkin ROF


NMM: YHC’s Q skills were clearly rusty, and he appreciates the PAX for sticking with him.  Counting to 11,  dividing 11 PAX into two and three groups, leading new exercises, and Fudd’s clarifying questions contributed to a complex undertaking.

As YHC was securing the AO, a clown car emerged.   It was Ronnie, Love Seat, Keymaster, Slurpee, and FNG Rip from River Road Hills.  Soon after Fudd appeared, not looking a day over 40.  YHC sincerely appreciated the solidarity shown by the Tuckahoe region.

YHC is not sure who “won” the Crawl Bear competition.  Multiple criteria could apply: furthest distance, longest time Crawl Bearing, quickest to the top.  YHC believes Swirly and Sippy Cup (and maybe others?) crushed the entire hill.  YHC had to reign Sippy in from trying to immediately Bear Crawl back down.

Derkin Wheelbarrows + hills are no joke.  YHC nearly steered Bleeder into another downhill wheelbarrow, after which Fudd took over as wheelbarrow driver.

Flipper wants everyone to know that his invention of MC Hammer American Hammers occurred in the context of a previous silly workout led by YHC that appeared to be a tribute to 80s and 90s dance music.


Congrats to TYA, LabRat, and Hardywood for completing their race this weekend.

Convergence this Saturday at GridIron 6am and 7am.

HDHH Wednesday.  In lieu of the hill run, meet at Kuba  Kuba Dos for a run around Tuckahoe at 5:30 followed by HDHH.   Kids on bikes are welcome.

Prayers for EF Hutton and M’s family



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    Great job Offshore !
    Way to work today guys – fantastic way to start the week..
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