Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Feels like the BRR again


Three pax took to the trails on another beautiful morning. 65 degrees and sunny. We did:

Northbank to Belle Isle to Buttermilk. Gomer Pyle added the Potterfield bridge.

NMS- Strong pace this morning, did the loop in 75 min give or take, no surprise as all 3 pax are West Enders. YHC had BRR flashbacks of chasing Gomer Pyle as he set the pace, hence the BB title. YHC got to chat with Best Shot as well. Sounds like he is in for the Bel Monte.

Unusual to be at trail run with no Lab Rat or TYA as they were finishing up their last hour of the Powhatan race. Sounds like all 3 of them crushed it, as if there was any doubt.


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