Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slowing things down at 45MOMM


21 returning PAX and 1 FNG braved the FSAck to partake in a mid-September 45MOMM beatdown that went something like this:


Long mosey around full perimeter of AO

COP: SSHs, DQs, Russian Soldiers (slow count at end), Merkins, Freddie Mercuries, Box Cutters (slow count at end).
Eagles&Giants&Cowboys fans do 10 Burpees OYO, others do 50 LBCs OYO

Short mosey to curb for Curb Crawl: up to 5, repeat 5, descend

Mosey to middle soccer field on big field for Ladder Time
1) Lt. Dan Ladder – run width of field, 2 squats, run back, 2 2-count lunges. Repeato, increasing by 2, up to 10, repeat 10, descend, decreasing by 2
2) Same sequence w/ Merkins + Squat Jumps

Circle up for 5 Minutes of Mary: Flutterkicks, APDs, Hello Dollies (slow count at end), Rosalitas, American Hammers

Mosey back to VSF. Circle up quickly for Bob & Weaves, 10 to right + 10 to left

COT – Bleeder took us out

Naked Moleskin:

Good work this morning, men. Ladders are soul destroyers.

Respect to Hardywood and “David Robinson” Marv for performing the burpees as fans of the Week 2 NFC East losing teams. Hail Victory!

YHC felt the PAX’s appreciation of slowing things down at NoToll on Tuesday and thought it was only appropriate to spread the love across the Rivah this morning.

Pucker delivered a solid compliment to YHC when he noted that the Lt. Dan Ladder silenced all mumblechatter. Hardywood crushed both ladders…well done, sir.

Saab pulled his best Wilson by fast counting the cadence count as YHC slowed down the Hello Dollies.

Welcome to FNG Pyro, whose name comes from a story of almost burning down Shakedown’s house…and actually burning down his own house. There was deliberation after Pyro & Shakedown departed as to whether or not the fire in the story was a real fire OR if the fire was simply a psychedelic dream following a long strange trip down Shakedown Street. I guess friends that burn together, stay together. Welcome!

Sept. 30 – F3 RVA Convergence @ GridIron – 6am & 7am workouts

Trail run in Powhatan this weekend – see Hardywood or TYA


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  1. Slow-jamming the Mary burns like hell. Glad DK spread the love on that. Props to Hardywood, Shakedown and others who endured it for a second time this week.

    Welcome Pyro.

  2. Great Q, as always, DK! Gumbo is right, slow Mary burns… like houses – I can assure you that it was real though your suspicions are not without merit. Houses are definitely one of my least favorite things to burn. It was rough but we were young and endured. Lots of blessings came our way. I was living with my soon to be M and it postponed the wedding but everything ended up just fine. Some friends threw a benefit concert for us at one of my favorite old punkrock bars in Richmond – Hole in the Wall. Corntooth, RPG, and Lamb of God played back when they could play a small room. Welcome Pyro! Hope you come back soon.

  3. I may not have helped your cause DK. Ginger’s dog had a glow stick around its neck and I said he looked like he was ready for a Rave…don’t think that made her smile either.

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