Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A dozen dedicated dudes posted for the latest offering of The Punisher under perfectly pleasant, not punishing, conditions.

The Thang:  Mosey along the Hermitage Road side of Linwood Holton Elementary School to a spot between the outdoor pavilion and the street for the startup COP that included 20 x, each, of SSHs, Hillbillies, Don Quixotes, and Russian Soldiers, 30 x LBCs, and 15 x Arm Circles, forward and back.

Stroll back down the Hermitage Road past the parking lot entrance.  Line up on the edge of the sidewalk, facing LHES.  Bear Crawl across the grassy knoll to the second tree line (maybe 15 or 20 yards away) for 30 x Carolina Dry Docks then Lunge Walk back for 30 x WWII Sit Ups and plank until all are done.  Repeat until three rounds are done.

Head to the school gym wall facing Laburnum Avenue for a Triple Check.  Twelve is apparently divisible by 3 four times, so this number of groups alternated between People’s Chair, Six Inches, and runs to the front sidewalk and back and each completed three rounds.  Plank until all are done.

Jog around back to the playground equipment for OYO completion of four rounds of 5 x Pullups and 5 x Burpees.  Head across the field in the direction of the northeast corner of the school yard, pausing to circle up and complete three rounds of 15 Merkins.

Hop up and get to the edge of the sidewalk to start a round of Sidewalk Mary, picking a sidewalk square and completing one of three exercises:  10 x LBCs with right leg extended, 10 x Box Cutters, and 10 x LBCs with left leg extended.  Rise and jog to the next available square for the next exercise.  Repeat, working in the direction of Laburnum Avenue, turning the corner and stopping at the first large tree.  About half way through this sequence, several of the PAX pointed to the International Space Station passing overhead.

Quick stretching sequence in the front school yard, then return to the ShovelFlag.  COT and Lab Rat took us out.

Moleskin: Nice turnout fellas.  Good energy within the group.  The LBCs were incorporated to ensure that all assembled had absorbed a refreshing layer of morning dew, but the morning’s clear sky allowed constellation spotting, so we held the Dead Cockroach position, briefly, afterwards.  Our early morning space observations continued when, about halfway through the sidewalk sequence one of the PAX (Chernobyl maybe) pointed to the overhead passing of the International Space Station.

Announcements:  1) Convergence – September 30th at GridIron AO (Pouncey Tract Park) – more details to follow, 2) Bear Creek 10 Miler sign up open, and 3) Tuckahoe Takeover next week.


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