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Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Not About You


12 F3RVA regulars and 1 FNG embraced the gloom this morning at DaVille and this is what we did:

Mosey all of 10 feet to YHCs car to start the beatdown watching and listening to Inky Johnson’s motivational speech entitled “It’s Not About You”.  During the workout, YHC called out different exercises that applied to Inky’s life situation.  Exercises included:

Run to light pole and back – Inky and his cousins run to and from light poles when they were kids to train.

2 merkins – Inky lived in a 2 bedroom house.

14 Burpees – Inky had 14 people living in the 2 bedroom house.

7 WWII situps – Inky was 7 years old when he would run sprints after practice to the lights of his mother’s car.

15 LBCs-Inky was 15 years old when he made the decision to stay at the worst performing high school in GA to prove to his cousins they could graduate from the same school and make it to college.

Mosey to soccer field for The Michigan.

10 – 100 yd sprints, 8 – 80 yd sprints – 6 60 yd sprints, 4 – 40 yd sprints, 2 – 20 yd sprints, 1 – 10 yd sprints.  YHC broke the sprints up with some exercises to catch our breath.  Exercises included flutter kicks, LBCs, Monkey Humpers, Merkins.

Mosey back to flag for 30 seconds on Mary.  Exercises included American Hammers.

Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with a prayer.

Moleskin : Swirly sent YHC the Inky Johnson video last week and what a better way to get the blood pumping for a beatdown.  If you have not seen the video, I would highly recommend searching for Inky Johnson on Google to learn a little more about him.  At 525am, YHC noticed a train was traveling by Atlee High School and then everyone noticed a line a headlights was filing into the parking lot at exactly 528am.  Turns out that many of the PAX got caught at the train crossing, but everybody made it on time.  After watching the video, the entire PAX was fired up and totally crushed The Michigan.  Not much mumblechatter this morning, as most of the PAX was catching their breath until we got back to the shovel flag.

The message this morning is “It’s not about you”.  As a core principle of F3 is placing yourself Third, YHC thought Inky was a great avenue to stress this point.  The challenge from this morning’s workout is minimal to the challenges faced by so many in our society, even here locally in our communities.  The time is now for each member of the F3RVA pax to make a difference in somebody’s life today.

Thanks for letting me lead the morning.  Welcome to Pitbull, who finally felt the constant EHing pressure from many to post to a workout.  Looking forward to having at many more in the future.

Circle K


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  1. It was great to be back in the Pax this morning. The Michigan workout was horrible. Reminded me of preseason practice. I was one the slow guys then too.

    Inky’s story was challenging. Reset My perspective. I’ll be taking that to the office.

    Thanks CK

  2. Awesome idea for a workout, Circle K.

    Here’s something else that aint about you. Making sure everyone knows about an event coming up that’s important. Hammers & Ales 10/7

    The Richmond Community Toolbank runs Hammers & Ales and is their big fundraiser of the year. BBQ from Buz & Needs & Stone Brewing beers for a good cause! I’m going and hope you will too!

    Click here to learn more:

  3. The Michigan… man. I forgot about that one. File that one away for future use. Nice work Circle K.

  4. The Michigan was an all-around beatdown that could have led some splash merlots (but didn’t). I appreciated the suicides after it – a Circle K favorite! It felt great to push through that workout with the PAX. Well done, team!

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Love it and hate to have missed! Inky is an inspiration and true VFL. I listened to the podcast and found out Swirly didn’t get the link until after the BRR. Yoy guys may have won the whole damn thing!