Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flow run back?


Four strong came out to Batteau on an end of summer morning. 3 PAX drove in, 1 ran in to the AO. We did:

COP – SSH, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Merkins, Helicopters. Mosey to Tennis court.

Bear crawl to net, 15 Merkins, lunge to fence. 5 Burpees. Crab Walk to net, 20 heels 2 Heaven, lunge to fence, 10 burpees. Broad jump to net, 15 Merkins, Broad jump to fence, 15 Burpees.

Model to bowl field. Jacobs Ladder from tree to tree across. Burpees up to 7. Mosey back to courts, various Mary. 3 sets 0f 20 LBCs, then head to playground for 3 sets of 5 Pull-ups. Circle up for some more mary.

Mosey to stage for 2 sets of AMRAP Derkins. Finish up with sprint full length of 41st St to Forest Hill, slow run back to flag (aka Flow Run). Little more Mary to kill the clock til 6:15.

EF Hutton took us out.

NMS – Always good to Q when YHC is the slowest PAX member there, the 3 other pax were ready to move this morning. The 10 counts called were to let YHC figure out what to do next.  Wasn’t planning on that many Burpees to start but why not. If you have not seen EF Hutton Bunny Hop you need to, dude can Bunny hop faster than he can run.

Sippy Cup misheard YHC to Slow run back to the flag from Forest Hill. Sippy heard “Flow Run” back and of course being Sippy he was in the lead heading back, did his best to improvise what a Flow run might  mean. Now YHC feels the need to actually create such an exercise.

Prayer requests – Pray for VT football victory this Saturday so the next week VT-Clemson game on 9/30 will be a 8 PM kickoff so EF Hutton can make Convergence that morning.

Great way to start the week!




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  1. Great Q. Accomplished a lot. Definitely keep an eye on me when bunny hopping, I will fall on my face at some point, you will laugh. Thanks for lifting the Hokies up in prayer, ha.

  2. That sounds about right Sippy. All I know is Flow running requires wearing Jerusalem Cruisers and a Tunic while doing it. And hugging any other runner you come across…
    We’ll leave the specifics up to Hardywood.