Wednesday, February 24
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Correr DaVille


4 Davillians climbed out their fart sacks to enjoy a clear and less humid morning for a run

This is how it when:


4 Milers – Take the Atlee service road down to the cross country trail, around Honey Meadows, back to the school

5+ Milers – Take the Atlee service road to Honey Meadows to the Kings Charter fire road. Up KCD and across Atlee Station to the sidewalk. Run through chickahominy oaks and Summer duck neighborhoods. Cross Atlee Station back at Cool Spring ES. Take service road back to Atlee HS parking lot


Good to have Mudface and No Idea back out there this morning. Way to push it fellas getting in 4 miles!!

Both Grabber and YHC were feeling a little sort after a few miles since both had longer run over the weekend but we pushed through to get our normal 5+ in.


  • Convergence on 9/30 –  come out at 6:00, stay until 8:00 if you can.  Second workout starts at 7:00 for late risers.  Bring a friend or two.
  • Next week will The Creek’s first anniversary – Start EHing now so we have our largest PAX ever!!



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