Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Swampy River Run


4 Stalwarts posted in the gloom this morning to fight through the swampy and foggy air and retake the Hills of Tarrington.  1 LIFO was mistaken for a different PAX member who knew the traditional route, so he was left in the dust to chart his own path in the darkness.  All was well as the PAX reconvened at the flag for COT and for YHC to take us out.

Mileage varied from 4 – 5 miles.

When YHC pulled into the parking lot at 0515 to secure the AO, he found a woman waiting in her car to meet friends…not YHC.  She looked a little concerned until her two friends showed up and they moseyed off.  For a minute there, I thought we might have wrestle for rights to the parking lot.

Nice work men.  It was great running and chatting with Wedding Singer – thank for the company Singer.

No more Gumbo for you!


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