Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

When The Lights Go Out


13 Davillians arrived ready to roll on this humid September morning to participate in another addition of The Creek. The Q sheet was empty until yesterday afternoon so a hot potato Q plan was put into action.

This is how it went down

Spit’s Q

ReeseStrong start: 25 Merkins and 25 Squats OYO

Mosey around the front of the parking lot to the grassy area around the flag pole


  • SSH
  • Invisible Jump rope
  • Hillbillies
  • DQ
  • Helicopters
  •  LBC’s
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Merkins
  • Arm Circle

Opus’ Q

Mosey to the pavilion 

Triple Check (on the picnic tables) – Skull Crushes, Dips, decline merkins (three sets each)

Emoji’s Q

Mosey back to the parking lot

Curb crawls: Bear crawl to one side complete 10 incline Merkins, crab walk back complete 10 curb dips. Rinse and repeat for another set

Four Corners: 10 Jump Squats, 10 LBC’s, 10 Burpees, 10 Merkins

Spike’s Q

Parking lot Subsides: run to and back each median; complete WWII Sit-ups. Sets were 5, 10, and 15 reps

Rounders’ Q

Indian Run around the field while completing high knees and butt kicks on Q’s command. Circle up in the pavilion and complete 500 raid boxers? (not sure of the name)

Q was given back to the YHC to mosey to the SF for 3 to 4 MOM. Exercises were Freddie Mercury’s, AL Prom Date, Rosalitagas pump, and 6 inches

Numberama, Namerama, Chowdah took us out. 


It was good to change things up a little bit with a hot potato. Gave us the opportunity to see some not so regular Q’s (Emoji and Spike) and a VQ for Rounders. YHC arrived at the AO around 5:16 thinking he would be alone for at least 10 minutes. Most of the PAX seems to be ready to go showing up only a few minutes after YHC

Around 5:28 The Carpenter was no were to be found. Opus had texted him earlier and share the following response.

Opus: Are you up?

The Carpenter: “Yes, puppy”.

This would explain his LIFO post today showing up around a 1/4 the way through the COP.

When the PAX was starting Emoji’s Q. All the parking lot lamps decided to go off a the same time. This made bear crawls a little harder and the groons could be heard in the next county.

Glad to have Rounders get a little VQ today. The PAX got a little taste of a what is to come.

Glad to have a few our 2.0 back in the PAX after the start of the school year! Hope to see even more next week.


  • Reesestrong 5k tomorrow morning – Kid’s run at 8:30 and 5k at 8:55. We are up 63 on the F3 team. You can still register the day of the race.
  • Convergence on 9/30 –  come out at 6:00, stay until 8:00 if you can.  Second workout starts at 7:00 for late risers.  Bring a friend or two.
  • Next week will The Creek’s first anniversary – Start EHing now so we have our largest PAX ever!!




  1. Really Really good Hot Potato Q this morning! I am spent. CAn’t wait for the first Rounders led workout. May need to call an ambulance afterwards. Next week, we need a boatload of people there!

  2. The Carpenter’s text was Yes, I have a puppy, and I have to take care of it”.

    I wanted his text to be: “Yes, and you are my little puppy.” This is how I read it first, and is much better than the truth.

  3. Great Hot Potato Q! Way to go 2.0s! you little puppies. Can’t believe a week from today is the one-year anniversary of the Creek! Everyone bring someone. lets break the record. Loved Rounders’ impromptu Q 500 rapid fire boxing punches. Lats are spent.

  4. My LIFO status had nothing to do with the new dog. My body went on red alert and I had to go to the bathroom BIG TIME on the drive over. I located a port-o-john in an out of the way location and took care of business so I wouldn’t blow up during the workout. THAT would have redefined “hot potato” for a workout… I think that is an acceptable reason for the LIFO…