Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back in Black


Six men drummed up will power and fought off cobwebs to conquer a foggy morning of kettlebells.


The Thang


SSH IC x 15

Merkins IC x 10

Shoulder stretch to straight-armed Pickle Pounders IC x 5 (2 sets)

Arm Swings (all big), front, back, sideways, IC x 10

Halos – 10 each way OYO

Slingshots – 10 each way OYO


Kettlebell shuffle around the track

 Repeating cycles of the following four exercises with 20 alternating side-lunges in between each exercise:

  • Turkish get-up x 1 each side
  • Clean & press x 5 each arm
  • Single-hand swing x 5 each arm
  • Snatch x 5 each arm

First person to finish reverses direction followed by others, until leader catches the six.


Ring of Fire

Boat-canoe, 3 rounds


Kettlebell pendulum clock around the bus loop

Pax spreads out along grassy strip in center of bus loop. Man nearest the parking lot entrance leaves kettlebell and runs around the loop. Remaining men perform two-handed kettlebell swings, rotating to follow the running man. Change to squats temporarily when runner gets to each end. After a full loop, the next man runs, in the opposite direction.

Repeato, substituting slingshots for swings

 Brief stretch


COP variety – exercises with interwoven stretches

Ring of Fire with 10 2-count mountain climbers

American hammers IC x 6

LBCs IC x 15


Numberama, Nameorama, Opus took us out.


Naked Moleskin

YHC was pleasantly surprised to see so many cars roll in after getting notice from a couple of regulars that they would not be in attendance. No Idea gave YHC a lift, and Opus pulled up with his own transportation shortly afterward. (YHC should check his text messages more often – sorry, Opus.) Chum Bucket and Rounders made inaugural Manndate appearances. Emoji got the adrenaline flowing as he pulled in jamming to AC/DC. “I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back.” We all let ourselves loose from the noose that kept us hanging about and took on a grinding workout.


True to form, Emoji crushed the exercises around the track (“back on the track and [he’s] beating the flack [PAX?]”) and circled back to get the six (AKA, the QIC). Rounders looked like he was “Number one with a bullet, [he’s] a power pack”, even just knocking out the side lunges. YHC was grateful for the PAX helping him to distinguish boat from canoe. Clearly YHC is not much of a waterman.


The Q was not the only one confused, though. It was music to YHCs ears to hear at least two men ask for guidance about which direction to run during the kettlebell pendulum clock around the bus loop – oxygen deprivation manifesting as disorientation is a clear sign of a successful Q (or at least that is how YHC chooses to interpret it). Other notable events during the bus loop exercise were Opus putting on the afterburners (“They’ve got to catch me if they want me to hang”), and No Idea and Emoji pausing to do…not sure what…behind the parked cars. Kudos to Chum Bucket for consistently strong work throughout. Everyone put up a solid performance.



  • Reesestrong races are this Saturday, followed by seafood at Circle K’s.
  • Convergence will be at Grid Iron on the 30th with two workouts (0600 to 0700, and 0700 to 0800); double-dipping is encouraged.

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  1. Awesome job fellas! Looking forward to getting back out there after the half marathon! Glad to see Emoji is back in town!

  2. Awesome Q, Helix! excellent workout. Way to privide dirty deeds, done dirt cheap! Great to see you all again!