Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



19 strong men came out for our lucky jackpot event.   Evan after the BRR the runners were strong. And the rain held off just enough for our jackpot beatdown.  Some remember when I brought this out the last I think everyone enjoyed the simplicity of the event!!!

The Thang:   Circle up

20 SSL

20 LBCs

10 cherry pickers

We teamed up in 2s with one man running and one starting a physical activity. We ran around the field once and than pick up where our partner left off.

1 Run/ 250 merkins

2. Run/500 LBCs

3. Run/750 jump squats

Round 2

Triple check

  1. Run 2. jump ups 3. bench flutter kicks
  2. Planked on the curb for the crawl to the left/right 10 merkins left/right 10 merkins
  3. Ran back to the flag for American hammer ring of fire

It was a pleasure to lead this morning and so see all the BRR folks back in one piece.

Thanks J-Ville for taking us out with a prayer.

FYI I only count 18 who am I missing?


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  1. Nice Q Flashdance. Simple but effective. I request more of your rhythmic cadence at your next Q #TheJackPotSucks

    Looks to me like you got the PAX correct – but you didn’t put yourself in the PAX list. Also – might want to check with Big Data on the impact of not separating names by commas. Not sure who “Oyster Rosie” is, but I bet he is fast!

    Finally, it is just “Posh” we didn’t saddle the guy with “Posh Spice” – at least, that was my recollection.

  2. This was my first Jackpot experience and it lived up to it’s reputation, painful all the way through.
    I thought we might have a mutiny when 750 jump squats was called, you would have thought Wilson’s legs were going to fall off. After all that Wilson still had plenty of speed in the Triple Check. Arm circles just aren’t the same when they aren’t in cadence.
    I thought it was just Posh too.

  3. Man, cant a guy just get a good Q?!? I’ll give it to you, buddy, nice Q.

    Of course I didnt have to do that many jump squats, so take it with a grain of salt.

  4. I thought complaining and commentary (especially whining and moaning) is the ultimate form of Q flattery…

  5. Admin rights has it’s privileges … “Oyster Rosie” and Posh can thank me later.

    Nice work Posh! Hope to see you on Thursday!

  6. Flash – I almost died when you said 750 jump squats. Just standing was tough. We got through it and the Jackpot is always tough. Great job leading and pushing me through all the complaining! It was great to see Homer & GED back out in the gloom and yes the PAX decided Posh was his name. Welcome Posh!