Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Working out some lactic acid…


3 vets posted for River Run this morning – 2 beasts working out the lactic acid from BRR and YHC determined to start getting his running legs back.  Expecting a light crew and possibly some BRR survivors, YHC decided today would be a Hill Holiday.  Instead, we hit the track and put in some flat miles (about 3.8 in total) with 3 brief pain stops (25 merkins and 25 LBCs) at random intervals.

After returning back to the flag with 10 minutes to go, we did some COP (Slow Imperial Walkers, cotton pickers and stretching) and some Mary – Rocky Balboas, LBCs, APDs, Heels to Heaven and Superman.

Major respect to Honeymoon and Rosie for posting this morning.  Always great to run and chat with you boys and thanks to BRR, I was able to actually keep up with you guys today!

Great respect and props for all BRR participants.  Way to slay those hills and push through the pain guys.  Sounds like an epic weekend and it sounds like all of you crushed it and exceeded personal expectations.  Way to go!


  • ReeseStrong 5K and Crabs this Saturday.  Still time to sign up.
  • Convergence 9/30 – come out at 0600, stay until 0800 if you can.  Second workout starts at 0700 for late risers.  Bring a friend or two.

Have a great day men!

No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Thanks for taking it easy on us Gumbo. I was ready to mutiny and run flat ground if you said anything about hills.