Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kings Hanging Out In The Meadows


2 Davillians climbed out of their far sacks this morning to continue  their half-marathon training by taking a stroll through Mechanicsville Atlee district.

Here is the route taken:

Head down Atlee HS service road to Honey Meadows, turn right onto Honey Meadows Pond Dr to the fire road into Kings Charter. Turn right onto Kings Charter Drive. Head down KCD until total distance was around 2.5 miles and turn around at Seatoncroft ct. Head back to the fire road and turn left back onto HMP drive. Head down the hill and turn right onto the trails. Come off the trails onto Pollen Dr. Head back to the service road and HS parking lot

Total distance: 5.67 miles



Here are some short observations from today:

  • Seems like some Davillians enjoy the first Sunday of NFL to much since only two of us made out this morning.
  • It was nice catching up with Grabber this morning.
  • Grabber some new kicks that were really bright yellow and somehow YHC didn’t notice till the end


  • Reese Strong 5K 9/16 – We now have 49 signed up!! 1 more to hit our goal. You have until Wednesday to sign up online. Click this link to sign up: https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/4045/Groups/386047
  • F3RVA Crab Fest 9/16 (right after Reese Strong) Circle K’s See Pre-Blast
  • Convergence on 9/30 –  come out at 6:00, stay until 800 if you can.  Second workout starts at 0700 for late risers.  Bring a friend or two.




  1. ran at home today. I’m up for the Mondays thing if we get more guys to show, but not willing to drive to run solo.

  2. Working on getting some others out besides Grabber and myself every week. I know Mudface and No Idea are there almost every week but they walk/run.