Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is that your pickle pounder?


A mighty four redwoods emerged today for Punisher.

COP – Helicopters, Don Quixote, Hillbillies, Russian Soldiers, LBCs.

First Up – Triple Check – Plerkins and run to the light post in the median.

Mosey over to the picnic table for 11s – Merkins and dips.

YHC missed this event from this past weekend’s longhouse, so we progressed behind the school with “bridges and boulders”.  Finish with a jog to the playground.

7 pullups and 20 PLT – 3x through

Lindseys! Scorpions and box cutters.

Honeymoon suite ring of fire – Monkey humpers, diamond merkins, APDs, pickle pounders.

Mosey to the bus loop for fireman carry the long side of the loop.  Repeat.

Make our way to the front of the school for round 2 of triple check.  Finish with what we started, except this time through we did BTTW and flutter kicks, while the runner goes to the far tree line and back.

Keymaster took us out.


YHC arrived early this morning and secured the AO.  Ten minutes to go and no one was there.  Will anyone show?  Alas, Dexter pulls in with Sabotage behind him and makes a full loop and leaves!  Sabotage almost leaves but parks instead as this is his first time to this AO.  Splinter joins us with Keymaster arriving early in the COP.

A small Pax today with a few others working out on their own in the shadows.  Might be an opportunity to EH in the future.  Our pickle pounders started out in diverse form as we had multiple interpretations.  Splinter set us straight with the official motion.  Seems the pax need more practice with the pickle pounders.

It was great to lead this fine group this morning.  Good to see new faces at Punisher and hope to see Sabotage and Keymaster back soon.

As you go forward today, think of all that you have to be thankful.  Health, friends, and family.


  • Tuckahoe Takeover – less than two weeks away.
  • Bear Creek 10 miler – sign up is open now



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  1. My apologies to Lockjaw for abandoning the AO in this manner. Was feeling sick. Unfortunately was unable to follow through with my initial decision to do at least 15 minutes. Hope to see ya in the gloom soon…

  2. Way to lead Lockjaw. Fun as always. Running across the road to the median was questionable; luckily no cars were present.

    Keymaster’s laugh was contagious yesterday. He may take the pickle pounders to his other workout group to show them how it’s done.